Cash paid for political opinions

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Cash paid for political opinions

Here is your opportunity to earn cash for your political opinions. The guidelines below apply to all submissions:

  1. Publishing of your opinion is not guaranteed.
  2. It may take a few business days before you get published.
  3. Your opinion has to be understood by reasonable person with reasonable command of English.
  4. You can attach pictures in JPG, PNG and GIF formats.
  5. The opinion must be at least 200 words long.
  6. We accept opinions in any style but would love you to try writing articles that are in UBSRD style.
  7. We especially welcome opinions that are critique / analysis / satire on articles in The Huffington Post. (It is a battle between right off center David and lefty Goliath). Please, quote an original article and provide a link. The quote from an original article must not exceed 20% of your article.
  8. You are allowed to submit your profile and a photo.
  9. Any material that has less than 80% of original content will not be accepted. We check the authenticity of the material before we even read it. If material is not 80%authentic- we will not publish it and will not respond to you.
  10. We have quotas on how many opinions we can publish per week and how many opinions can be published by one author. If quotas are exceeded, we will hold off the publishing.


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