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Get published

Ever wanted to get published? Do you feel that you need to spread your message to thousands of readers?

Here is your opportunity. The guidelines below apply to all submissions:

  1. Publishing of the article is not guaranteed.
  2. It may take a few business days before you get published.
  3. You can attach your article in PDF format (for security reasons) or type (paste) it in “your message” section.
  4. You can attach pictures in JPG, PNG and GIF formats.
  5. The article must be at least 200 words long.
  6. We accept articles in any style but would love you to try writing articles that are in UBSRD style.
  7. We especially welcome articles that are critique / analysis / satire on articles in The Huffington Post. (It is a battle between right off center David and lefty Goliath). Please, quote an original article and provide a link. The quote from an original article must not exceed 20% of your article.
  8. You are allowed to submit your profile and a photo.
  9. Any material that has less than 80% of original content will not be accepted. We check the authenticity of the material before we even read it.

Advantages of getting published with TheHuffandPuffPost:

  • Your article will be seen by hundreds of thousands of people around the world.
  • Your article will be shared via Twitter and Facebook with tens of thousands of people across several networks.
  • You can insert links to your Twitter / Facebook/ Personal blog.
  • We GUARANTEE that not a letter, not a punctuation mark will be changed in your article – our commitment to free speech.
  • No contributor will ever rejected on the basis of political views, ethnicity, citizenship, religion or gender.
  • You CANNOT submit any material that is even remotely a commercial advertising
  • You CANNOT submit any material that is illegal in USA and Australia (our two main offices)

Short message, instructions:

Attach files. PDF, PNG, JPG

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