Q and A. Role of the Specialist Contributor.

Q and A. Role of the Specialist Contributor.

Please, allow us to explain about specialist contributor role. Specialist contributors are people, who were assessed as standing out in publicizing their thought provoking ideas in social networks. In other words, talented individuals with strong political and social convictions who can express themselves very well.

About The HuffandPuff Post

The magazine is rather young but developing well. The main purpose of this online and soon to be on paper publication is to disseminate the ideas and give the voice to non politically correct individuals. The name of the magazine symbolizes the opposition to Left wing (ish) The Huffington Post. And, of course, we would love to see The Huffington Post mocked here as much as possible.

Who owns and work at the magazine.

All people who own and work here are volunteers, except technical subcontractors. Three persons own the magazine- all of them Medical Doctors in everyday life.

How magazine is popularized? Or, in other words, how do we spread the word?

Almost every article written here is being shared via our growing network, mainly social ones – over 1 million readers have a view and access to it. We are working hard on our SEO and widening the networks further – it is tedious and expensive process.

Does the magazine earn money?

No, not yet, at least. There will be some advertising revenues, we hope. But it is hardly enough to pay for hosting at the moment. All money we have are donations and contributions from the owners.

Do people get paid for writing the articles?

No, except a few journalist internships – no one gets paid, even Editor-in-chief.

What’s in it for me? Why should I be a contributor?

People contribute for various reasons. Look at the most active specialist contributors so far – FemmeAlpha and Politicoverymuch. They do not identify themselves and make no links to their own social pages or personal blogs and businesses. Obviously, they just want to spread the word.

You are most welcome to place your profile and links to your own social pages or personal blog. Remember, every time you make a submission – it is shared with a network of over 1 million people. Not all million will read the article, but 1 million people have to view it and can access it. We only ask not to place any direct commercial advertising in the posts.

How to make a post?

It is very easy. Just submit the article here:


Anyone can submit the article. Why position of a specialist contributor is so special?

  1. Specialist contributors articles are shared over much wider network that any other submission because we are already certain about your talent. You can always check the distribution via social tally test, but remember, those tests catch under 10% of the share action.
  2. There will be special Awards for specialist contributors – but, let’s make it a surprise.

As a specialist contributor, am I given any tasks or topics to write about? Is my work edited?

No, never, under no circumstances. You can write what you want, how you want and no word will be changed or rejected.

Is there any limit on how many articles I can submit?


How long my article must be?

1 word if that can conveys the message sufficiently (yes, it can be a picture with one word of a comment)

The guidelines are here: http://thehuffandpuffpost.com/get-published/

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