Is Islamisation of Europe really bad?


Is Islamisation of Europe really bad?

Islamisation of Europe cannot and should not be resisted.

Is Islamisation of Europe really bad?

There is a debate that becomes prominent is Islamisation of Europe really bad? Summary: statistics show that by 2050 most of the population of Europe will be Muslim. This trend causes Islamophobic backlash. Attacks on Muslims intensify. The confrontation is inevitable. Can this be prevented by community agreement for step by step Islamisation of European societies?

There is a body of statistics showing that with current demographic trend Muslims will become absolute majority in Western European countries. This is attributed to higher birth rate in Muslim families compared to native Europeans. Significant Muslim migration to Europe in recent decades also plays role.

Whilst most of the Europeans do not feel adverse about this demographic trend, some, engage in attacks on Muslims, organize anti-Muslim societies and associations. Recent events in Norway, where Anders Brevik committed mass murder based on anti-Muslim sentiment, show that there are elements in societies that will not stop at verbal attacks. There even some voices in Norway and beyond suggesting that Brevik will be hailed as national hero within a decade due to widespread war between Muslims and native European populations.

Is Islamisation of Europe really bad? Where the negativity is coming from?

There is no particular evidence that suggests Islamisation being a negative phenomenon. In other words, what is wrong with most of the population of any given country being Muslim?

Certainly, community leaders on both sides should come to a dialogue on step by step “normalization” of the demographic trend for Islamisation. This may prevent a backlash and violence. This may be a solution, some academics say.

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  1. Fine. Let the entire world go Muslim. The USA and Israel will still not buckle to Islam, Muslims or anything else. Time shall come for mass extermination of one side or the other. Like it or not, all Muslims are guilty and shall be responsible for their own annihilation. Go ahead and start now.

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