What is UBSRD?


What is UBSRD?

UBSRD is a new blogging technique that takes the world by storm.

UBSRD is used to beat the blogging opponent by agreeing to his or her argument and exaggerating the argument to absurd level. Hence, the word UBSRD – modern acronym for “unstoppable beating of shit by reasoning diversion” (absurd). It is an acronym from the same series as LOL, LFMAO etc.

Example: two people argue Western policies on refugees. One says – no to refugees. Another says, we should welcome refugees. They seem to be in an argumentative deadlock. The one who argues against refugees then turns to UBSRD tactic and posts this, where he /she argues that ALL refugees from the world or Africa should be admitted to Western countries. That is UBSRD. The opponent is in the corner because it is an absurd to admit all refugees at once. The proponent of refugees argue that if Western countries do not take refugees , the refugees will die. But he /she will have to admit that ONLY SOME refugees will be taken and others will be left to die. So, the proponents of refugees look like they play Gods and no more than just closet supremacists.

The Huff and Puff Post is the first UBSRD mag in the world.

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