How I planned the murder


How I planned the murder

I had to kill Him. Not ‘him’ but ‘Him’. I needed to kill Him. I planned to kill Him.

I thought about it for months. First, I wanted to push him out of the window of his fifth floor apartment. but then I thought that the sight of a body smashed against concrete would disturb people around. Worse, the unpleasantness of the event may cause PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) in susceptible individuals. What if children who play on the street see that? No, the plan of pushing him out the window had to be abandoned. But I needed to kill Him.

What about putting the knife through his heart? Would that cause a lot of blood spilled around? Then I thought about police people, cleaners, ambulance officers…. All those who will have to see and deal with the result of what I absolutely had to do. No, I could not get over myself and add more stress to their day.

I thought of tampering with his car. Surely, there is some article on the internet: “How to kill your cheating boyfriend by tampering with his car”. Or better, “How to kill your cheating boyfriend of 5 years by tampering with his car”. Or even better, “How to kill your cheating boyfriend to whom you gave best best years of your life, become 30 years old and less attractive by tampering with his car”. But enough of emotional torment… You have a task at hand.

The plan of tampering with the car had to be abandoned. Firstly, some innocent people could get hurt in an accident. Secondly, what about environment? What if the car bursts in flames as a result of the accident? The forest fire may start. Huge amount of pollution will be produced, carbon dioxide that poisons our planet will be emitted into atmosphere in some criminal number of cubic meters… No, that plan had to be abandoned.

What is left for me? Think. Clean, unexposed death – something he does not deserve.

I did it in the end. How did I do that? How would you do that?


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