Australian Muslim soldier ‘labelled a security risk’


Australian Muslim soldier ‘labelled a security risk’, says he was told he would never be promoted
Lateline By the National Reporting Team’s Alex McDonald and defence reporter Andrew Greene

A soldier who converted to Islam says he was branded a “security risk” and told he would never be promoted because of his religion.

Key points:

  • Australian soldier said he was ostracised after converting to Islam
  • Much of the alleged discrimination was perpetrated by senior officers
  • Prominent Muslim naval captain described one of the incidents as “alarming”
  • The soldier’s wife has taken the matter to the Chief of Army

The lance bombardier claims he was also excluded from group counselling sessions and told to find another job “if he wanted to practise Islam properly”.

As a drone pilot from the 20th Surveillance and Target Acquisition regiment, he spent eight months in Afghanistan in 2011 where he was immersed in the world of military intelligence.

“He’s a skilled operator of one of the most technical pieces of equipment we have in the Army,” said military lawyer Brian Briggs, who is pursuing a separate compensation claim on behalf of the Brisbane-based soldier.


One question to ask. What did you expect? Some American and Australian soldiers were shot at their backs by Muslim colleagues. I would not be comfortable with this ‘victim’ of discrimination behind my back either.


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