Enter the contract to get killed


Enter the contract to get killed

For busy people like myself  (in point form)

  • Drugs cost lives and billions of money to Western societies
  • Law must be a contract between a citizen and a society.
  • Suggested: a contract. ” I agree to be killed (put down) if convicted of selling illegal drugs”. Or, “I agree to be put in open air prison that is nothing else but concrete hole in the ground with other drug dealers for the rest of my life. I will be fed with two cans of fish a day.”
  • It is not humane but might be a very good deterrent.
  • The point is, that any citizen who deals drugs does it conscientiously and aware that some other people will die or get sick as a result. So, it is logical that the awareness must go further to the consequences of possible conviction. I am aware that If I ever deal drugs, my human rights will be extinguished. I agree with that – it is a contract. In order to have any human rights I have to refrain from dealing drugs. It is very simple.
  • Make it illegal, punishable by 3 years in prison not to report drug deals. Parents, friends and spouses are not exempt.
  • What would be the response from “humanists” and human rights advocates?
  • Would they put protection of innocent first over human rights of drug dealers?
  • Dealing illicit drugs is a choice.



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