Facts only: why I illegally fear Islam


Facts only: why I illegally fear Islam

Who knows, what if Green party comes to power one day? (yes, such a sad eventuality may occur). The Greens might pass legislation that fear of cockroaches is illegal since it does offend cockroaches. Cockroaches have soul, intelligence and communicate (Greens would know). But enough about that.

Did you know that expressing one’s fear of others is illegal? Yes, it is if it offends persons you fear…  It is clear to anyone with IQ above 15 that the topic of this conversation is fear of Islam and Muslims. It is illegal to express fear of Muslims. Hence, the hiding behind the avatars.

Please, state your reasons for Islamophobia. Indisputable facts only, please.  Here are mine ones:

  1. Fact: Most of the terrorist acts in the world are committed by Muslims. I am not interested to hear about terrible Crusades or atrocities of IRA. I do not fear the past.
  2. Fact. Every act of terrorism, lately, was committed in the name of God of Muslims. I am not interested to hear that that was a result of some sort of misinterpretation of Muslim Holy Book. The end result is daily carnage. I fear that.
  3. Fact: non-Muslims are suffering persecution in each and every country where Muslims are majority. That is the reason I fear growth of Muslim population.
  4. Fact: There is a Muslim state called ISIS or Daesh that follows Muslim Holy Book to the letter. This state, so far, seems to be unstoppable in it’s advance. If they come here, I will be beheaded, all women from my life will be raped, all my gay friends will be thrown off tall buildings. I fear that.
  5. Fact: I did not see a single mas demonstration of Muslims denouncing ISIS.


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