Does Robert Spencer deserve to die?


Does Robert Spencer deserve to die?

Every one who ever bothered to think about place and a role of Islam in modern world heard of Robert Spencer. Mr Spencer is a founder of He is a critic of Islamic politico-religious doctrine who earned equally high number of followers and enemies. While his followers’ base is fairly homogeneous, his enemies come from two seemingly very different groups.

First, is a class of inner city intelligentsia who claim that if Robert Spencer and his associates did not upset Muslims there would be no ISIS, Twin towers, Paris attacks and 28 000 other Islamist terror attacks in the last 15 years.

Second group of Mr Spencer’s not so well wishers are Muslims themselves. There is, probably, no Muslim in the world who would disagree that Robert Spencer has to be beheaded. After all, that is what Qua-ran commands Muslims to do: behead anyone who questions Islam.

It will be very interesting to find out how many non-Muslims think that Robert Spencer deserves to die for expressing his views. It is certain that should Muslims become majority in any given Western country, Mr Spencer will be beheaded. Polling the question “Does Robert Spencer deserves to die” is the vote for “Should we prevent Muslims becoming majority”.

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