SEO follies: How to improve Alexa rank?


SEO follies: How to improve Alexa rank?

There are thousands of services all over the internet that offer this or that SEO improvement. The costs vary from a couple of dollars to thousands.

Today we are talking about Alexa rank.  Alexa rank is a number that represent popularity of your website among the people whose browser has Alexa toolbar. The lower the number, the more popular your website.

Ultimately, Alexa rank is not a single indicator of how good is the website but only one of many. Yet, there are many services on the net that offer “to improve Alexa rank”.

Ironically, if you browse your own website with no other traffic happening, your Alexa rank will get to impressive under 300 000! For as long as you browse your own site with Alexa toolbar on, of course. You can get Alexa toolbar from for free.

Getting the Alexa ranking below 300 000 using self-browsing will be almost impossible. A little hint. If you still engage into self-browsing in order to improve your Alexa rank, browse more than one page.

What is the solution to improvement of Alexa ranking? As with any SEO action – there is no solution. The website in question has to be genuinely popular and interesting. The SEO will improve by itself. Saying that, I do not deny that delivering interesting and useful content to internet users sometimes require paid services, such as advertising on Facebook, Twitter and Google AdWords.


I tried pretty intensive self-browsing on my test side and got to just below Alexa ranking 200 000 in 6 weeks. I stand corrected.

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    I pretty much don’t care about site rankings, but the information on it is important.
    Yeah, I know- shameless self promotion, but for your own good!

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