Anti-Islam self defense groups growing


Anti-Islam self defense groups growing

FemmeAlfa interviews G. – leader of the local anti-Islam self-defense group in Sydney, Australia.

Submitted for publishing by independent contributor FemmeAlfa in January 2016

FemmeAlfa: You claim to be a leader of one of the local anti-islam self-defense groups. What prompted you to organise anti-Islam self-defense group?

G: The sentiment that Islam is not exactly a Religion of Peace has been brewing among my friends and acquaintances for a while. Then, there were mass rape in Cologne and other cities in Germany. Those events uncovered that this kind of behavior is common in other places like Sweden and France. The trend was hushed up by authorities and “luvvy -leftie” types.

FemmeAlfa: George, we live in civilized Western society. The rule of law is strong here. Why do you need self-defense groups? Do you lack confidence in police, Government and community leaders?

G: Yes, in fact I am not confident that police and Government act in our [citizen’s] best interests. Although, I always have a feeling that police officers privately harbor the same sentiment as members of our group do, but being public servants, have to follow orders. So, no, we have been left on our own by complicit Government.

FemmeAlfa: Why anti-Islam? Why do you see Islam as a threat?

G: Islam is not just another religion. It is complete way of life, political ideology. What makes it political is that the objective of every true Muslim is to establish Islamic state and live by Islamic law- Sharia. We see a lot of it happening around the world and here in Australia. I do not want to live under Sharia law.

Besides, since the unrelenting advance of ISIS, I feel like we have a strong 5th column among us. Our ‘pollies’ (NB) and TV personalities tell us that ISIS is just a small weak terrorist group. Then why airstrikes by a half a dozen of great powers and boots on the ground cannot get rid of ISIS?

FemmeAlfa: Do you think all Muslims are dangerous, bad people?

G: Of course not. Not at all. Majority of Muslims in Australia are peaceful, hardworking good people. Sadly, they are irrelevant when it comes to Islamic conquest. We can see that in the areas where ISIS advances. “Moderate” Muslims are either executed or pushed into complete submission by extremists. 1% of extremists can control the rest of the community pretty well, looking at what happened with ISIS and in Cologne.

FemmeAlfa: Do you admit that you are racist?

G: Racist? Me? [laughs, points to his olive skin]. Seriously, our self-defense group consists of people of all races, ethnicity and walks of life. We are true “team multiculturalism” [chuckles]. We have migrants and refugees among us. We are united by one idea – to never live under Sharia law.

We believe that it is not important what background you are, it is your convictions that matter. Do not follow any ideology that competes with rule of law and democracy and you are welcome here.

FemmeAlfa: Do you think establishment of Sharia Law is possible in Australia?

G: It is already happening -Halal certification, “take offence” laws etc. Look around the world, everywhere where Muslims are majority there are whole or elements of Sharia law implemented. The more you give in, the sooner the trouble starts. Why wait? Look at Sweden, France and Germany. The media hush up what is going on there, but we have people who travel there or migrated from there – they tell us the truth. You do not want 10% of population rule 90% like in those countries.

In countries where Muslims are majority, non-Muslims are persecuted in a most brutal way – fact.

FemmeAlfa: At the beginning of the interview we agreed that I ask any question without you taking an offence, right?

G: Yes,of course, go ahead.

FemmeAlfa: Do you think organising self-defense group is a bit “redneck”?

G: Well, depends what is redneck for you. Is it education? We have people with uni degrees and ‘tradies’, people who speak 5 languages and people who speak broken English. What is redneck to you?

FemmeAlfa: We agreed that I am the one who ask questions here, thank you. Can you tell me how you intend to defend yourself from Islam? Do you get weapons? Are there patrols on the streets? Do you think some innocent people will get hurt in the course of street justice?

G: No, there are no weapons, patrols or any violence at all involved. We do not even do demonstrations. No point. We do something different than self-defense groups in Germany and Finland. Innocent people, peaceful Muslims or people of color will get hurt in Europe after Cologne. And that is sad, that is wrong. People should live in peace and enjoy life, marry who they love, have kids, regardless of their religion, race or ethnic background.

FemmeAlfa: Yes, you are the peace man, I get it. Excuse me, aren’t self-defense groups suppose to to arm and do all those things – patrols, guns, knifes…?

G: Not at all. All citizens of Australia must obey Australian law. All the things you described are illegal. Our self-defense group get together only for talks.

FemmeAlfa: ….. talks?!

G: Yes, we talk and decide for which candidate we are going to vote at the next election. The more ‘anti-Islam’ is the candidate, the more preference we give him or her.

FemmeAlfa: I am afraid, George, that will not make much of a change on the political landscape…..

G: Yes,it will. We have a system in place for that.

FemmeAlfa: System being….

G: We discuss what we need to do to stop Islamisation, dangers of Islamisation and who is the most suitable candidate. Then, each member finds another two people to pass the knowledge. Those two will find other two each all within an electoral region.

The process then spreads to another electorate and so on and so forth.

Comes the election day, every member knows what to do. In other words, the candidates get the virtual stamp of approval, just lake Halal logo (just joking).

FemmeAlfa: Well, we’ll see. But is this all a bit ‘iffy’, don’t you think?

G: Not at all. Do you think Muslim Party of Australia will get majority of votes in Muslim enclaves? Of course they will. Why is it acceptable for Muslims to have religion based vote and not acceptable or ‘iffy’ for non-Muslims? Why Muslims can organise Muslim Party to advance Islam and we cannot advance non-Islam? Who is the the bad guy here?

FemmeAlfa: So, the process is completely political?

G: Yes, 100%. It is easy, no need to argue, demonstrate or fight. All is done in the comfort of your home or a local pub [winks and shows drinking gesture].

FemmeAlfa: Do you think voting for someone to become a member of Parliament on a basis of anti-Islam alone will affect the quality of people we get into our Representative bodies?

G: Yes, of course we consider other qualities in candidates as well. Someone who recognizes the the most acute issue, have guts to speak up and stand up for people is a good candidate, but, of course, there must be other qualities like experience and or education, ability to communicate and to listen.

FemmeAlfa: Thank you for the interview, George.

G: It was my pleasure.




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