Looking for Buddhismophobia


Looking for Buddhismophobia

There is so much written and said about Islamophobia. It has slowly became a norm for majority of citizens of Western countries. But today we talk about something else.

Why there is no fear of Buddhists? They are present in Western countries, they are numerous around the world….hmm..still no fear. Some Western countries, such as Australia has more Buddhists than Muslims. Yet, very little is written in the newspapers and we barely hear about Buddhists in the news.

I will try, with your help, dear readers, find reasons to fear Buddhists:

  • They want to conquer the world with sword or migration. (No)
  • They hold a belief enshrined in their Holy scripture that non-Buddhists have to be converted or killed or heavily taxed for not being Buddhist. (No)
  • Buddhist committed most of the terrorist acts in this century (No)
  • Buddhists set enclaves in Western cities where they practice religious laws contrary to local laws and demand from others to follow. (No)
  • Anything else?


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