Pedophile next door. Should local residents know?


Pedophile next door. Should local residents know?

  • Fact. Pedophiles never rehabilitate. Once pedophile, pedophile forever.
  • Fact. Pedophiles almost always re-offend.
  • Fact. Pedophiles who served their jail terms are resettled in the communities.
  • Fact. When local residents find themselves living next to convicted pedophile, they harass pedophile or even attack him violently.
  • Question. Do local residents have right to know if convicted pedophile lives next door even if it will cause suffering to the pedophile? Whose right prevail? Pedophile right to live without harassment or local residents’ rights to feel that their children are safe.


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  1. In the USA most localities have the sex offender information publicly available. Name, address and offense is but a few keystrokes away. At the same time, getting caught urinating on side of the road will also get you placed on the sex offender list! Like any good idea, the government chokes, stuffs, punches and pulls it until the original intent of the law is lost. It’s very PC to coddle hard drug abusers that keep their habit going by any means necessary but let a cigarette smoker light up and see what happens! Christians being killed by the droves, politicians so corrupt no one can believe, etc….but don’t throw your cigarette butt on the ground or light up in the wrong place. “HEY WORLD!” What the HELL has happened to you?

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