Corn can stop conflicts in the Middle East.


Corn can stop conflicts in the Middle East.

  • Oil is a strategic resource / material
  • Middle East is the place with the most of oil on the planet
  • Strategic resources attract superpowers who wish to control strategic resources
  • Intrusion in local politics by superpowers always lead to civil and other conflicts
  • Once the conflicts begin, there is a secondary business develops in the region – arms trade
  • Regional conflicts are usually based on religious and ethnic divisions
  • Militant ideologies and movements flourish in those regions
  • If there were no oil money in the Middle East, we would hear about Islamism
  • Islamism is funded by oil money
  • Oil must cease to be strategic resource
  • Corn based ethanol must become the main fuel for transport
  • Slat used to be strategic resource a few hundred years ago, until more salt mines were found and established
  • Corn based ethanol can stop conflicts in the Middle East.


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