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Muslims Worldwide- Please take heed;
Your faith and religion is being trampled upon by many of the radicals among you, and this is not news to you. PLEASE, act now before the entire civilized world declares full out war on you. Most of you are peaceful and law abiding. When you make the decision to leave your country and go to another country, remember- you are a GUEST of that country. You are expected to follow the customs, rules and laws of that country. Your personal convictions have and must come SECOND to the country that you are in. Please, obey the laws and respect the customs of ANY country that you are in or visiting. It is your duty to police your religious zealots, Jihadist and radicals, if you don’t, then the rest of the world will do it for you, and it might just be YOU that gets killed in the crossfire. At the very least, demand that they wear a common uniform, or mark them yourselves.

Now a note to the Jihadists and radicals-

Given the unlikely event you do decide to stop your impudent ways and wish to assimilate into other cultures and Nations, your PEACEFUL people will be respected just like all others are. THIS YOU WILL HAVE TO PROVE TO THE WORLD. We have lost our tolerance and patience for the radicals hidden among you. If you don’t take care of them once and for all, then all MUSLIMS, peaceful or not will suffer the Apocalypse that awaits you and yours. All other world religions practice peace, acceptance and tolerance. If that doesn’t work, then it is time for the world to get with it and permanently fix YOU, “the problem”. YOU AND YOURS are the problem. FIX IT YOURSELF or we shall be doing it for you.

Israel is a country that has been in existence far longer than you religion has been, and is in fact, an offshoot of the Jewish religion- That’s a fact, like it or not. The historical Israelites occupy their traditional homeland and that is not going to change. Most of the entire civilized world is allies and close friends with Israel and ready to come to their defense at anytime it’s truly needed. Israel respects and tolerates other religions from all over the world. The very fact that the second most Holy Sight of the Muslim world resides in Jerusalem is a testament to that. Allowing and instigating hate and intolerance against this peaceful Nation is nothing short of a “Declaration of War” against the entire world- a war that you are doomed to lose. Land and population wise, Israel occupies but a very TINY portion of the Middle East. There is plenty of room for the Palestinian people, whom have NEVER had or been a country. It’s but a simple matter that surrounding countries “donate” some common ground for them to call their own, if they so wish. If not- then accept it, as you have no other choice in the matter.
Muslims– The radicals among you are degrading you, your credibility and your faith. Don’t allow this to happen, please- for the sake of world peace, police this matter yourselves. If you don’t the consequences that befall you shall be much worse than you can imagine.

Any PEACEFUL person, from any country, any faith, any culture, any race or any state is always welcome into my home at most anytime. I am not a war monger and I don’t disrespect anyone who earns my respect. I am willing to meet with any PEACEFUL MUSLIM and try to find a way to work these problems out and get things settled, all you have to do is contact me.

Short of that, the ENTIRE WORLD is against you and yours and you WILL be eradicated in the most horrendous and effective ways if you do not stop the radicals among you, that threaten world peace. Please, POLICE YOUR OWN before this goes past the point of NO RETURN.

 Just in case you have not noticed, what I am telling you has already begun to happen, open your eyes and see. You can rest assured that no matter who the next President of the United States will be, they will not be the spineless, catering coward that Obama is. The clock is ticking and your time is running out quickly. We hear over and over on the news that America is terrified, afraid- DO NOT BELIEVE THAT AT ALL. We are a proud people, a determined people and patient up to a point. That patience that Obama has been displaying will soon be gone and it will be you and your people, the Muslim world that will be paying that price.

Is this meant to scare you into submission? No, not hardly. You are a determined and proud people who have created an old and vast civilization out of nothing more than desert and sand, currently due to oil revenues. It’s truly a remarkable feat to say the least. With the oil and other natural resources that abound in the Middle East, why are the vast majority of your people so poor and down trodden? Look to your own governments and people who are in charge. Look at the grandiose palaces and homes they live in. Look at the cars they drive and how many they own. They not only own the country, the resources and power- but they also own you. Put the energy and anger you have and direct it where it belongs, the people who have for all intents and purposes enslaved and entire religion, cultures and countries. You follow PEOPLE that encourage this because it gives them the power over you, makes sure your anger is redirected at someone other than themselves. In short they own your minds, hearts and souls. You have been brainwashed into thinking that the world is your enemy. We, the non-Muslim peoples of the world are not your enemy. On the other hand, if you persist on this course of action you are taking now- YOU SHALL LOSE, your people, religion and culture gone forever!

 Look within your own governments,  religion and culture for your TRUE enemies and oppressors.


Author- @Sir_Blaster on Twitter  ed.1


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