Home for Aussie or who killed the dream?


Home for Aussie or who killed the dream?

By GoodF (stands for Good Fellow, BTW) InPointForm

  • 1 in 5 new houses in Australia are bought by overseas buyers who pay way above market price. Foreign buyers are mainly rich Chinese made their money on slave labor in China.

  • This drives prices higher and higher…

  • China is a very poor country with an extremely small proportion of extremely rich people.

  • Since China has more than a billion strong population, the “extremely small proportion of extremely rich people” is bigger than the whole population of Australia.

  • Do we, Aussies, stand a chance? Why the dream of a place of our own was taken away from us?


Effects of overinflated houseprices on Australian economy

    • Higher home prices destroy Australian economy and, especially, small business.

    • Higher home prices mean higher mortgage repayments that families has to pay.

    • Banks borrow money from overseas and lend it to home buyers. The main source of borrowed money is “poor, oppressed by Israel, war torn”  Middle East.

    • Home buyers pay interest to the bank.

    • Bank passes most of that interest to overseas lenders. Banks pass that interest to Middle Eastern and Arab countries like Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates.

    • The higher the property prices – the more money flow overseas, sometimes to theocratic oppressive regimes that finance global terrorism.

    • This money COULD HAVE been spent at local shops, hairdressers, educators and other Aussie businesses…

We fight back!

  • Yes. We will fight back and win.

  • Ordinary Aussie family of 4 with 1 adult working full-time and another adult working part-time should be able to afford a family home within reasonable distance from work.

  • Not only should we be able to afford our own homes but the mortgage repayments should not make us life long slaves of the banks.

  • It is not just rich Chinese investors who are guilty of the treason. Australian Real Estate lobby are greedy bunch who care only about filling their fat pockets and sucking blood out of Australian people. No respect for Real Estate people- traitors!

  • How do we fight back? – Learn here

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