Turnbull Liberals slash and burn Medicare


Turnbull Liberals slash and burn Medicare

By GoodF (stands for Goof Fellow)

  • Several consecutive Governments of Australia tried to “reform” Medicare.

  • No matter how they spin the “reform” it is always about making Australians pay more “out of pocket” fees for visiting General Practitioners, having blood tests and X-ray done.

  • This is the fact –  the cost of running a GP Medical Clinic went up by 200% in the last 10 years, but Medicare rebates to doctors went up by only 50% in the last 10 years.

  • As a result, the profitability of Medical Clinics has been significantly reduced. For many it is hard to believe, but some clinics struggle to meet ends.

  • Any more or less significant “reform” of Medicare that is aimed at reducing rebates to doctors will force Australian GPs to stop bulk billing or, those who did not bulk bill, rise the fees. Some medical clinics, especially ones with fewer than 5 doctors will close.

  • Is it fair? No, the cornerstone of Public Health is accessibility. Person who is unwell should be able to see a doctor regardless of financial capacity to pay for the visit.

  • Wealthy, detached from reality politicians do not see it that way. The “reforms” proposed will CERTAINLY make every Australian pay cash for any presentation to medical facility, except public hospital.

  • Public hospitals will get inundated as a result of this “reform”. Federal Government does not care as public hospitals are States responsibility.

  • Who benefits from this “reforming”? Multinational superclinics do. They are capable of reducing the costs because of their sheer size. Secondly, those big corporation clinics have licenses to hire doctors of lower qualifications and pay then minuscule salaries. These licenses are no longer being issued but all existing ones were purchased by rich multinationals. It is rather strange that Australian Government Medicare “reform” would benefit only a few huge corporations. Isn’t it?

  • Is there a solution? Yes. Australia spends 5 billion dollars a year on foreign aid and another 1 – 2 on refugee programs. In order to keep Medicare intact, the Government needs only 0.5 extra billion dollars a year. Isn’t it obvious that any Government has it’s first duty to it’s people?

  • Who will resolve this? The most probable solution will come from new political parties coming to 2017 elections. In other words,IF any new party, Australian Liberty Alliance or other new parties, for example, proclaim the policy on expanding Medicare at the expense of Foreign Aid programs, will win a lot of sits. Naturally, detached from reality Liberals and Labor will lose a lot of sits in Parliament.


Please, sign petition here.

To Health Minister Sussan Ley,

We demand pap smears and pathology services remain free of charge.

It is disgusting that your government is cutting bulk billing incentives for pap smears, MRI’s, urine/blood tests, X-rays and ultrasounds. According to the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia president Michael Harrison, the cuts will force patients to pay at least $30 for a pap smear, urine or blood test. The Australian Diagnostic Imaging Association claims people could pay up to $173 for an MRI scan.

These cuts are unfair to the average Australian, but will especially hurt women. Free and accessible pathology tests are key to ensuring early detection of cervical cancer, STI’s, UTI’s and pregnancy. Late detection will lead to MORE cost to the taxpayer in the long run. These essential services are a backbone of our world class healthcare system.

This is yet another attack by a Liberal government on Australia’s already cash-starved Medicare system. Sussan Ley, stop trying to distance yourself from the inevitable outcome – by your cutting subsidies for practitioners and pathology companies, they’re forced to charge a fee to make up for the loss, which will fall unfairly on patients across the country.

We won’t stand for it. We demand the Liberal government scrap this policy and ensure that pap smears and pathology services remain free.

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