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Dedicated to U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice Anthony Scalia. America and especially the conservatives of this country and the world will miss him greatly. HE WAS A TRUE AMERICAN PATRIOT that I discuss in this article. The U.S.A. will never be the same now and the Left shall gain control of the Supreme Court . We all have lost, and at the worst possible time. America is hemorrhaging  red/white/blue blood right now, and we will never be the same.


I’ve been posed three general questions, from many different people, this week that stand out to me. They are, in order of length of my reply- IMHO;

1)- “Your articles are great and well written, are you a professional journalist?”

Journalist- NO, no formal training or studies.

Professional? You’d have to ask the publisher “

I am passionate about defending the Constitution of the United States of America, defending our Rights and freedom, exercising my RIGHT to be against everyone, including the U.S. Government, if need be. I fully support and defend Israel, their right to exist and exist in peace. I guess when I am passionate enough about something it comes out in my writings. I am a self proclaimed American Patriot and I apologize to no one for it. One of the few things that I will “get in your face” over is questioning that very fact.

Thank you to everyone who cared enough to send me the nice messages and questions! J


2)- “Why do you support Israel so much?”

For several reasons-

  • I attended private Christian schools all my life, (of several different denominations) and they all taught me to Support and Defend Israel and the Jews and their faith. It is in the Bible and I do believe it, so I do.
  • Israel is the United States closest ally, in an area where we and they need it badly. They have suffered oppression far more and longer than any other people on earth. They’ve literally turned nothing into something great! Further, Israel is the underdog. They are outnumbered by at least a magnitude, managed to survive longer than any other unchanged faith (as far as I know), and I believe that they are in fact- “The children of God”.
  • I seem to have a very strong and internal calling for my Patriotism, Doing what is right, and trying to fix problems when I can. I’m sure that I’m not going to fix the problems of the world and in fact won’t have any impact at all, but I am doing what I feel is right, correct and moral.
  • Lastly, I pose this question back to you…. WHY NOT?


3)- I was challenged to write about  the following, here’s the exact challenge

“” Who is more [the]  American patriot?

  • A 10th generation American drug dealer pushing drugs to kids near schools;
  • or a migrant who came to USA last week, loves democracy and wants nothing more that to become an American, a citizen of the country he admires?
  • What does it mean to be an American patriot?…..

..… I know your skills by now – you can do it.”

   Rest assured, this IS a challenge to me as I am fully in the corner of;

  • Protecting Our Borders, all of them,
  • Stopping Illegal Aliens from entering MY country by ANY means necessary,
  • Defending the Constitution of the United States of America (with all that entails),
  • Deportation of all illegal’s and any foreign nationals that commit crimes in the U.S.A.,
  • Only American CITIZENS are covered by The Constitution and Bill of Rights.


I’ll make a case for and against- Who is more the Patriot?, and render my verdict at the end.

A born U.S CITIZEN that is “committing a felony” and has been convicted of a felony, technically loses his rights (supposedly, but not practiced). He doesn’t lose his citizenship. Most anyone in prison or breaking the laws willfully and especially for personal gain is harming others and therefore is not a “good” patriot by any means. He deserves to be caught, adjudicated and punished in a manner equal to what he did. Forget the damned “cruel and unusual punishment” bullshit that the bleeding heart liberals came up with. Let the punishment fit the crime! This person may be a highly decorated war veteran with patriotic tattoos from head to toe and actively waving the American (or any other) flag, but that doesn’t excuse what he did nor justify it by any means. A crime is a crime; patriots generally don’t commit real crimes. The assassination of “the Bundy gang” and other legal activist is different. They were demonstrating their Constitutionally Guaranteed Rights when the so-called “Government of the People” (more aptly put Government of the Establishment/Government/Obama) unjustly assassinated him. I’ll stand firm on that until PROVEN wrong. My sincerest apologies and empathy go out to the Federal Bureau of Investigation-FBI, but not to the Dept of Justice- DOJ. Is an American drug pusher a Patriot? I hope not.

Now….a MIGRANT. The pose was just that, not stating legal or illegal and that makes all the difference. AN ILLEGAL ALIEN is just that- Illegal. No matter his motives and reasons for being here, this person is STILL ILLEGAL. He should leave the country voluntarily and wait in line to get in legally. On the other hand, if this person did his due diligence and entered LEGALLY then that’s different.  As long as his outlook is generally in line with the standards, motives and values of the true American way, he’s good. This is how the challenge was posed, so we will go with that. Yes, I would consider this person to be an American Patriot. I personally know many who have done this and they are far better Americans than the drug pusher is or would be. Patriotism is what you feel inside yourself about the country you call your own, not so much where you were born.

As far as an ILLEGAL ALIEN goes, this person is already a criminal just by being in MY country illegally. That being said, if this person is living as he should be, hard working, never in legal trouble, sincerely obeys the laws, but still doesn’t want to leave? This is much harder to answer for obvious reason. Yes, this person would make a good American and possibly a good Patriot. Fact is though- This person is STIL HERE ILLEGALLY. You must draw a line someplace, so I’ll draw it right here. Go back to your own country voluntarily and migrate into the U.S.A. LEGALLY. The argument that “there is a 5 year long waiting list” is unfortunate but necessary. It doesn’t hold water. If you want to enter the U.S. with the intentions of being a legal American citizen, then do it legally and that will make you eligible to maybe be a Patriot. Sometimes the means does justify the end- but not in this case.

Being an AMERICAN PATRIOT is, I suspect, like being a patriot of any country. It’s not what you show on the outside, but how you feel on the inside. Being a true patriot is very similar to being religious.  In my opinion being a Patriot doesn’t mean you must be a flag waver, outspoken about it, or advertising the fact. Not that there is anything wrong with any of that, to the contrary- it commendable. It lets people know quite simply “Don’t tread on me”- meaning me or my country or what it stands for. I’m an outspoken and high profile Patriot. I have a red, white and blue(r/w/b) roof shingles on my house, an American flag proudly displayed and a r/w/b Flaming Eagle tattoo on my arm, the ONLY tattoo I have. I served my country, not as a member of the armed forces, but as a police officer, firefighter and EMT. Firefighter and EMT were on a VOLUTARY BASIS, not paid. I am an American Patriot, ready to fight and ready to die for MY COUNTRY, but not for 20 million illegal aliens who have invaded MY COUNTRY. Yes- INVADED! I didn’t mean for this part of the discussion to end up being self serving as it was not meant to be. I simply used myself as a real person to exemplify what a Real Patriot is. Trying to describe what a patriot is NOT, would be akin to telling someone who’s never had a banana what it tastes like.

I will go out on a limb and make the assumption that this was posed to me in light of the fact that the world is being invaded by Muslims. It wasn’t stated that way, but in the course of the discussion I take it that Muslim was implied. I’ll answer it this way- as a self proclaimed American Patriot.

“The basic values and teachings makes Muslims inherently incompatible with American values and entry into the country is illegal (as previously discussed in my previous article), their very belief in Islamic teachings PROHIBIT them from being a Patriot to any country, only to a cause, ideology or religion…that is a zealot. Col. Oliver North is a Patriot that every American should salute, as he put everything on the line to defend the country and the President at the time. I’d give him the Congressional Medal of Honor if I could. If you are too young to know and understand what he did, do some unbiased research on him and find out for yourself. “ God and Country” is the definition of Col. Oliver North and what a Patriot is!


As I write this- the conservative Supreme Court Justice Anthony Scalia has just died. He’s  been the cornerstone of the conservative portion of the Supreme Court. “Traitor Obama” is now virtually free to appoint another radical Left Wing Justice to tip the balance in favor of the Left. This is a TERRIBLE loss for the country, and a big victory of the “bad guys” in America. In short we are now fu@kd now! Only Congress can hinder this, but not stop it.

It has been his rulings, and that of the other conservative Justices, that has been able to keep Obama and his anti-American agendas in check. I am sorry for his family, friends and followers of him, but mostly I am really very sorry for AMERICA and what his loss will mean to the America that we value. Say GOODBYE to the 1st and 2nd Amendments now, as they won’t be chipped away any longer, they will be CHOPPED DOWN now………..


@Sir_Blaster Feb.13, 2016

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  1. I enjoyed your article and I agree with your description of what a patriot is . I also agree with your view on illegal immigrants (Muslims). I believe they hate everything we stand for.If your not a journalist you should be , very talented.

  2. I believed in a few things 10-15 years ago.,…then when I found out the truth on them….. I don’t believe in them anymore………

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