Stop the privatization of medicare: please, sign petition!


Stop the privatization of medicare: please, sign petition!

Medicare should be available to everyone not a privilege to the few that can pay. Privatization means that their company goals will be allied with the market and not the people’s welfare.

A similar impact has already happened to centrelink and the same could happen to medicare if privatized, for example, competition for grants among services in centrelink and beyond. This mean that the services provided at centrelink are not totally beneficial to the public but are generalized on what is considered the average person.

Companies will gain a monopoly over healthcare and more.This could mean no privacy at the doctors and money out of the pocket of communities. This factors into one of the governments goals to create surplus (profit on top of the budget).

Regional and lower socio-economic areas will be most affected by this, as the policies are lacking already.

Please stop the privatization of medicare and think of the Australian community rather then businesses, large scale companies and the market because in the end you are nothing without the people that vote for you.

Please, sign petition here!

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