Why the British Establishment is so afraid of Tommy Robinson?


Why the British Establishment is so afraid of Tommy Robinson?

When I first heard of Tommy Robinson he was still with the EDL and a very boots on the ground sort of guy. I liked him from the start as I’m always looking for a hero, a down to earth manly one, I mean.

Then I didn’t know much about the rise of Islam in the UK but when he began warning everyone about the grooming gangs, I really started to take notice. What really astonishes me about his journey is that the state is, apparently, so frightened of his message that he gets bounced in and out of prison at will. In fact, he is a “political prisoner” in true sense of it.

He and his family have been threatened on social media with beatings, rape and murder and yet not one arrest, never mind conviction, has materialized. I do know that he was ordered by the police to take down these threats on his Twitter account for the sake of social harmony. What a bloody outrage. 

Anyhow, the hero marches on and his message is finally getting through. How right he’s been about everything. He and Nigel Farage are running on parallel lines, except Tommy Robinson doesn’t wear a suit or speak with a plumb in his mouth and, I think, that’s why his journey has been so much more punishing and brutal. My God, we should be grateful to men like Robinson – brave, fearless and tenacious, who are willing to take to the streets to get his message through.

History will speak very well of him. You know, the word patriot has been turned right around to mean something nasty. But I know it’s true meaning and like Tommy Robinson I love my country.

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  1. They aren’t in the least afraid of him. He isn’t’ a political prisoner. He went to prison for mortgage fraud, assault and seeking to illegally enter the US on a false passport. He has previously been charged with assaulting his girlfriend. He head butted a fellow EDL member who accused him (accurately) of being an informant. Pegida is tiny. The far right in the UK is split. In fact, Robinson is seen by some in the far right as ‘Zionist’, ‘Fenian’ and a multi culturalalist. He is a football hooligan (convicted) who has read a couple of books. Suspect only Stephen is afraid of Tommy.

    • john garbutt on

      He went to prison for mortgage fraud,

      Like Mandelson did not
      Other than his faults that you point out what about his message which is what the article is about

    • What a load of cods wollop. Nothing you have said is true. What you haven’t twisted you have embelished or outright lies about. He’s a very brave and decent man. In fact…..Yes, he is a hero. You in the other hand are a spitefull malcontent. A liar and a worthless nobody.

    • He may be all of those things but he is still right about Islam and the hatred that it preaches. Unless of course you can PROVE that Islam is peaceful, without all the verbal and mental contortions that muslims and their apologists on the liberal left have to go through.

    • You dear spout bollox. Yes he did go to prison for mortgage fraud and the truth of that is it was seen by the Establishment as a good chance to put him away. Countless other people had done similar things and got away with it, mortgage fraud is nothing! Passport yes silly boy on that one but do tell the people why he went to the US. Assaulting his girlfriend, do check your facts they were having an argument an off duty policeman decided to interfere and Tommy whacked him that’s the assault. Have you got the proof that Tommy is an informant? If not shut up talking crap and trying to make shit up.

  2. Peter Mandelson was also responsible for mortgage fraud!

    In his youth Tommy was no angel sure but he’s been correct on the Islamic threat to liberty and peace.

    I find it amazing the way the authorities police have treated him and tried to suppress his message.

    Is he a publicist Yep is he Political Yep so what the fact remains he has been correct in almost everything he has said regarding the spread of islam and its influence on Britain and Europe.

  3. Thank you. This article is spot on. For those far left critics who attack Tommy Robinson for defending abused children (what exactly do you find offensive about that by the way?) think about it. First they come for Tommy, then they come for you. That’s what happens in a society that ignores citizens rights. When you do wake up and realise your rights are gone, who will you blame then? Before you go throwing stones get your facts right. Most of the terms of imprisonment Tommy has served have been trumped up charges by the State, even the mortgage fraud. Which he pleaded guilty to to stop the police from harassing his family. Are you so blind you refuse to see?

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