Op-Ed By TERRORFIGHT.COM to the Patriot Lone Wolves of America


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Op-Ed By TERRORFIGHT.COM to the Patriot Lone Wolves of America,


This is written to and for the 40% American Lone Wolves. The other 30%ers won’t understand. Americans have the most the unique ability to protect ourselves called the Second Amendment. Other nations may consider something similar or cease to exist.

30% off the Right and Left would never consider picking up a firearm to protect anyone from anything. I don’t judge that to be a good thing or a bad thing, just the way it is. At the same time there is the 40% who either Will, Have or are Going to. As odd as it sounds, we are the Lone Wolves and we guard the sheep. Yes- my article V of the “Take Back America” series already spoke to this, but now I speak from the position of the Wolf to the fellow Wolves and sheep. We, the Lone Wolves, are everywhere. Friends, family, neighbors- good and bad, big and small, nice and not so much. We don’t always agree with each other and that’s our nature. Sometimes we fight just to fight and other times we break the fights up and call for unity. THIS IS THAT TIME. The Lone Wolves of the United States in general have had it. What you ask? Yes- collectively we have had it with PC, invaders, extremists on the Right and the Left.  We are the middle of the road people that make up the 40% of American citizens and Patriots that will die to defend our way of life for everyone else, but mostly to preserve our America. Preserve it as our Founding Fathers intended for it to be preserved. It matters little if we are on the Right or Left of the middle. It makes no difference who we protect under what circumstances, we really do treat others as equals. From rocket scientists to the guy living under the bridge. The Lone Wolf is your police officers, firefighters, military, men, women, ministers, atheist and everyone else.


When you as an individual or you as a nation call for help, it will be the Lone Wolf that comes to your aid. We can work together as a group of individuals or on our own. Many people would like to be a Lone Wolf and some try. The WOLF is the basis where all other K-9s have evolved. Man’s best friend is called a dog, but make no mistake, that dog still carries its heritage of a Wolf in its genes. The next time you hear the phrase Lone Wolf attributed to someone, take a second look. I’ll make a blanket statement and say that when you see our military personnel returning home on the news- each and every one is a Lone Wolf. These wolves have voluntarily put aside their differences to work as a coherent unit to accomplish a common goal. They have also been trained to embrace and use their inherent Lone Wolf instinct to think for themselves and able to act independently when needed.


If you, the 30% on either side- stop and listen -you will hear something that you’ve not likely heard in your lifetime. It’s the howling of the Lone Wolves that are beginning to gather in groups all over the country. Like him or not- Donald Trump is the right man at the right time. It doesn’t matter if he wins the election or not. The wolves are gathering to make a united stand to preserve and take our country back from the radicals on both sides as well as external. The trigger for this is the spread of Radical Muslim jihadists. They are willing to die for their religion and we are more than willing to assist them. For whatever reason you want to attribute it to, the Patriot Lone Wolves are ready, willing and able. We all hope it never comes to true anarchy in the USA, but if it does, the Lone Wolves will be there to defend our nation, no matter who the enemy is.


IF YOU ARE a part of the 40%- The Lone Wolf, please- let me know your stand. If you agree or disagree let me know.  If you are the 30% of people on either side- SAVE IT. E-mail it to yourself or tell another 30%er. Lone Wolves live up to their own internal standard. We obey the law because it is the right thing to do, not because we are forced to. Yes, Lone Wolves may be lone, but by no means are we rare. We can be everything. From Very Good to Very Bad. We come from all walks of life. Some of us, everyone would like to know, conversely there are some that no one wants to know. We are “We The People” and willing to fight for or against you.


I urge EVERY AMERICAN to vote in all of the upcoming elections. I don’t care who you are or who you vote for, but get off your collective butts and GO VOTE! This election is about the most important decision that any American can make. Our country is more divisive than ever in our history. The President who ran on the platform of bringing us all together has, willfully and with evil intentions, tried to bring OUR country to its knees. We 40%ers will not allow this to happen. My question is why are you 30%ers ALLOWING it to happen? Why do you want to see this great nation destroyed? Stop, listen and take heed- the Howls of the Lone Wolves are getting louder and longer. We are tired of placating the loud crying babies on either side. Our 40% is larger than your divided 30%s.

Lead, Follow or get out of the way but the Wolves are here and WE are them.


Stand Tall, Stand Proud and Stand for AMERICA!

While the rest of the world bows to, and is consumed by the beast- AMERICA SHALL ALWAYS BE FREE!





And if you must-


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