Refugee advocates are closet supremacists.


Refugee advocates are closet supremacists.

In my opinion, yes. There is a group of people in Western countries that promote the view that all people from around the world claiming to be “refugees” should immediately be taken in.

This group is not homogeneous. There are “refugee” lawyers – people who make good money by being “humanist”. There are Green / hippy types without any qualifications and, of course, immature insecure students.

Not all, but most refugee advocates do not even suspect that they are closet supremacists and racist. Their desire to “grant freedom” to people of inferior culture is an exercise of establishing of their own superiority.

The proof of it in simple logic test. Why to be so obsessed with people from distant cultures when so many people at home need help? We have our own homeless people in the West, domestic violence against women is an issue, our veterans return home from the Middle East scarred physically and mentally. Why such an obsession with refugees? The answer is simple. Refugee advocates are not interested in helping people that they consider equal. Their focus is entirely on people THEY CONSIDER inferior – refugees from the third world.

Not enough argument? Well, let’s talk about white refugees from South Africa and Zimbabwe. Every day in South Africa and Zimbabwe at least one white person is being murdered or raped by black Africans out of racist motives. Have you ever heard a single refugee advocate even talking about it? Why? The answer is simple – they do not care about white refugees because they are not CONSIDERED inferior by refugee advocates. Typical refugee advocate thrives on his or her inner racism. They need inferior people around them in order to establish their own racial superiority. The image for this post depicts white refugees. I will take my words back when I see the habitual refugee advocates taking the streets campaigning for taking white refugees to USA, Australia and Canada. Until then, I am convinced – refugee advocates are RACISTS.

Have you ever heard any refugee advocate campaigning for the intake of the most persecuted minority in the World – Christians? Why? Same reason. Christians are not CONSIDERED inferior by refugee advocates, but Muslims are.

We, people of the West should be able to have an open discussion about how and whom we take as refugees without being called racist by refugee advocates for the only racist I see here are the refugee advocates themselves.

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