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Compensation from Islamic Institutions- Where is it?

All institutions, religious, governmental, private or charity, pay for their harm.

I can’t believe the first time I asked, ‘Why doesn’t Islam as well?’, wasn’t until 2015, and then only as an allegory to stress inequality. The simple fact of it is, they do owe us, the whole of Modernity, eastern and western alike, a lot of cold hard cash in compensation.

The mosques and madrassas of the terrorists owe it. The Islamic councils and Muslim Lobby groups pushing for legalised exclusive Muslim rights racism should pay it. I can’t find any non Muslims people or organisations that have been awarded, let alone received any compensation payments for harm by Muslims or from an Islamic purse.

Terrorism’s harm isn’t just the innocent people murdered, loss of income and cost of rebuilding on our tax purse and insurance premiums. This is a life sentence for the families friends and communities of people murdered. Also a life sentence for survivors left crippled, limbless, maimed or with PTSD. Bystanders, emergency and residents are still dying a decade and a half later from cancers sparked by the toxic dust cloud of 9/11. America gave them money and they sued for more. I hope they got it. No Muslim organisation or country gave them a cent that I know of.

It’s not just terrorism that harms us either, it’s censorship and vilification of us by left wing and Muslim lobbies.

Particularly sinister is when people are fired from a job for a trifles like a Facebook post against Islam (or any other left wing cause). For some it is the bitterness of being falsely smeared as racist by an institution that itself seems to be the actual racist, and on top of that the stressful upheaval of finding a new job. Some, especially public figures, never regain their careers. For others, loss of family and or homelessness is just a hop, skip and jump away when they can’t pay the rent.

In the 1980’s I myself was homeless, as a teen a few times. It was horrible and pretty dangerous, but youth, its energy and help from a Salvation Army Women’s shelter were on my side. These outcomes and aids are just not so for a middle aged man or sometimes woman. Homelessness can become dereliction, drug or alcohol addictions and extreme vulnerability. Vulnerabilities range from the weather and hunger to self harm, being assaulted, suicide and murder. Some middle aged and older homeless people I had the acquaintance of, were this way over job loss. One man was burned alive for fun by thugs. Wrongful dismissal is a common lawsuit- if you have the means to make it.

Any doctor will tell you all these experiences are profoundly harmful not just to our physical, but mental and emotional wellbeing too.

I barely lay a finger on the tip of the iceberg here. Left wing and Islamic oppression and racism towards others is insidious, now institutionalised and supported by a hijacked leftist, frightened media and education system. It is also historic, look at India and The Jews.

So why haven’t we sued those Mosques then?

Underneath it all, it’s because Muslims kill innocent people if they’re criticised or questioned and we don’t. Islam is a terroristic ideology, democracy isn’t.

This question should be just part of any normal conversation on compensation, it’s up to us to desensitise people around us and let it become a normal public conversation.

Anyone, especially those who remember life pre 9/11, can attest that since, we’ve had fifteen years of high octane political correctness and it’s nonsense Islamic appeasement strategies. It’s bought us only steady social deterioration and oppression and more terror in all our countries than ever before. The left wing methodology, laid and maintains the groundwork for Islamanism. It is Islamic by proxy.

It’s pointless to try and engage with either Left or Islam anymore. They have no intention of cooperation. Some have already started to just steamroll ahead right over the top of it.

There are lawsuits. Some against our own institutions and at least one against an Islamic organisation.

Currently Marine veteran John Kevin Wood and his wife are suing La Plata High School, for indoctrinating their daughter with Islamic propaganda, they filed a suit in U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland against the school for violating her Constitutional rights.

“The Woods’ daughter was forced to profess and to write out the Shahada in worksheets and quizzes. TheShahada is the Islamic Creed, “There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.” For non-Muslims, reciting the statement is sufficient to convert one to Islam. Moreover, the second part of the statement, “Muhammad is the messenger of Allah,” signifies the person has accepted Muhammad as their spiritual leader. The teenager was also required to memorize and recite the Five Pillars of Islam.”

Last year in 2015 an Australian journalist sued Hizb ut-Tahrir for sexism. They didn’t turn up for the hearing.

There would be more cases, we just don’t hear about them. Why try to reason with abusers like the left wing or Islam? Sue the left, the schools, the bias media, cowardly or bigoted employers, find a lawyer with courage who’ll sue an Islamic Org. Let’s regain our hijacked social and legal systems. Help set new precedents against their censorship, and bigotry against freedom loving people with real wins in a court of law.

We DO deserve deep financial compensation and not just from our own taxes or people, but from the Muslim abusers themselves and from their purses and coffers of their mosques.


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  1. @littleWombat666 on

    Thanks @SIR_BLASTER,

    That’s the very point, it shouldn’t be such an absurd idea. it is so normal in day to day life to be responsible for and pay damages. I hope it makes people realise how hoodwinked we’ve been. And that many of us are owed.

  2. Well written! I have my respond of NYE in Cologne-Hamburg-Stuttgart-Weil+++ still on my agenda. Merkel promised follow up WITH ALL HARDNESS OF LAW. Eleven werks later not one single muslim rapist-groper-thief has been arrested, not to speak of being sued or even sentenced. I conclude from this that our dictator Merkel must hve been talking about SHARIA when she used the word LAW.

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