Pork, wine and some other industries going into oblivion soon.


Pork, wine and some other industries going into oblivion soon.

One does not have to be an economics graduate to understand a few common sense things about any industry.

Any industry must grow at least as fast as the general population grows or, die out.
Let’s say, there are 1 000 000 people in the town. All of them buy product X. Every year, a new 200 people are being born or come to town and 100 die or leave. With the growth of population, the gross domestic product of the town grows as well. There is more money goes into circulation, more services and produce demanded. With the growth of demand , there prices are being lifted by sellers. In response to that, the buyers lift the prices on their respective good and services. Here comes inflation. What used to cost $1 last year, costs $1.05 this year.
It is all fine and well if the consumer’s base of one industry grows along with population growth and inflation. What happens when some industry is behind the growth of population? What if, an increase in population by 100 people does not result in an increase in consumer base for this particular industry?
One of the two scenarios occur when some industry does not grow as fast as general population does. First, industry dies out because the products are too expensive to produce but sales are not growing. The consumables, wages, rent go up and up, but there is no demand or demand is low for the product X. Industry, in that case, cannot rise the price and make any profit.
Second, the industry must rise the price of the products in order to maintain profitability despite the lower demand. That causes further shrinking of the consumer base and the product of that industry becomes more and more exclusive, vulnerable and insecure.
Let us apply the above to pork and wine industries in any given Western country. The populations of the Western countries grow, mainly, through migration. So, let us disregard births and deaths and take into account migrants and births of the children of migrants.Pork, wine and some other industries going into oblivion soon.
Original population: 1 000 000. All of the population consume pork and adult proportion consumes alcohol.
Growth: 100 in one year via migration, but only 20 of 100 new arrivals consume pork and alcohol.
The inflation reflects the growth of population from 1 000 000 to 1 000 100, but the consumer base for pork and alcohol industries grew only 1 000 000 to 1 000 020.
This would repeat year after year. Eventually, pork and alcohol industries will be significantly behind the growth of population and become less profitable. One of two scenarios explained above will occur. Those industries can only survive in Western countries if the intake of migrants is selective, favouring those who consume pork and alcohol. Bearing in mind that most of modern day Jews are secular and consume pork, that leaves only Muslim migrants that do not contribute to consumer base of pork and alcohol industries.

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