Question to all political parties in Australia


Question to all political parties in Australia

No doubt, current and two previous governments in Australia set the course on destruction of Medicare. No matter how they motivate their behavior and what excuses they offer, they want Australians to pay cash for medical services. They say, they slush and cut Medicare rebates in order to save Medicare and make it more efficient. No, it is all about shifting the burden of healthcare costs to Australian families.

The obvious way to manage government expenditure is cutting inefficiency and implementing reforms that increase GDP. This is just the only constructive way of dealing with any budgetary crisis. No government in the last decade managed to produce any such solution showing great political and economic impotence.

Dealing with inefficiency:

  • Reducing Foreign Aid budget from 5 bln to 3 bln.
  • Discontinue Government funded cultural diversity / cultural enrichment programs.
  • Making refugee program a private donation based process (here)

Question to all political parties in Australia – how your party is going to handle the issue of cuts to Medicare?

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