Concession of the West


Concession of the West


States, countries and nations aren’t just lines on a map. It’s the PEOPLE that make up these countries. In the so-called civilized Western World these peoples have always prided themselves on being free and having the right and privileges of being able to choose who leads their countries and in what direction the country will go. Just like a family, there are always spats and disagreements, but as a whole the west has always gotten along well. This getting along has never been free, and has been bought and paid for in the blood of the different nations blood and the deaths of a mother and fathers child or children.

FREEDOM IS NOT FREE. That being said, I find it unfortunate that instead of fighting for our freedom, we in the west, have elected to SELL OUR FREEDOM. The Muslim nations of the world have successfully bought and paid for every single one of us. All nations have decided to elect politicians that have been bought, funded and paid for by  the enemies of our way of life and we’ve gladly and cheaply sold our souls to the devils of the Middle East. The remarkable thing is that, for the most part, they have successfully overtaken and beaten the Western Nations without even having to declare a war. It’s sad to think that untold millions of good Patriots from all countries and walks of life have paid the supreme price to assure that our freedoms should remain free. They gave their lives, so we could turn around and give up those very freedoms for a few pieces of silver.

Sure- most everyone talks the talk but almost no one has walked the walk. A founding principle of the United States of America has been the separation of church and state. Of all of the Rights afforded to Americans this one right has been the most difficult to balance, enforce and keep in check. Truthfully, there is no real way the two can be separated, but must find a balance and peace to make this work. For well over 200 years Americans have balanced this fairly well. Other Western countries have had the same balancing act and up until recently all has been well.

The old saying “If you can’t beat them, join them” has been employed by enemies of the Western Powers and Nations successfully. It has worked so well that the very people that are now being enslaved are welcoming it with open arms and passing laws making it illegal for the citizens of the West to fight it in any way, shape or form. VERY few citizens have shown any alarm what-so-ever. They didn’t even have to BUY us, we actually PAID them to take us over.

Many will take exception to what is written here. A few will agree. Many say they will fight to the death to keep our freedom and nation free, and this is true. The part that makes this impossible is no one is willing to identify the enemy. No one knows where to start, who the enemy is or even willing to admit that the enemy lives across the street, around the corner. They are our co-workers, friends, elected officials and even members of our own military and police forces. I will guess that 80% of the “free worlds” citizens have relinquished our freedom to a mere 20% of those that proclaim Political Correctness is correct. Of that 20% far less that 1% actually own and control the entire world, not just the west. Muslims are the new Nazis and the “terrorist” that they support are the SS troops of Hitler. Comparing Hitler to Muslims is VERY unfair to Hitler. He’s but a baby compared to them.

In this case HITLER isn’t a person, but a small consortium of individuals that have successfully taken over the world and have managed for the most part to remain anonymous, inconspicuous and untouchable. The Muslim terrorists are the face and pawns of these individuals. No matter if you believe in the Bible or not, the Bible did put a name to them. I won’t argue the Bible here, but since it named them, I’ll just continue to use the name bestowed upon them- THE NEW WORLD ORDER, or NWO. The governments have always been able to discredit anyone that has tried to warn this day was coming. Nut, kooks, conspiracy theorists, charlatans, criminals, domestic terrorists, etc. You name the name and the governments have always discredited these people so no one would listen to them.

I’m sure that I’ve now been inducted into the ranks for the crazy conspiracy theorists club. Up until now I believe that America has been the only thing between the New World Orders total domination of the world and keeping the west free. Obama was the right person, at the right time to lead the NWO to victory. Congratulations to the Victor and to the Victor gets the spoils. After all- 1.2 billion Muslims can’t be wrong can they? Those of us that think we will fight to the death and never let this happen to us are wrong. We have no one to fight, no leader to lead us. We’ve all been bought and sold into slavery. It doesn’t matter any longer if you believe it or not. The less of us that believe it, the less resistance there will be when the “Day of Awakening” arrives, and it will be arriving all too soon.

The true Wolves among us that really are willing to fight to the death have been infiltrated by sheep in wolves clothing. We’ve accepted them and we follow them and they lead us wolves just like we lead our faithful companion and man’s best friend- our dogs. We wolves have been so domesticated and civilized that we can’t recognize that we are willing followers of the NWO. We’ve been civilized to think that we can fight wars with rules that only one side has to abide by. We’ve been so civilized that our so-called elected leaders won’t even whisper in secure silence the word “IMPEACHMENT”.

In America we have allowed people to become President that have never been proven to be a qualified citizen. We continue to let them run for the Presidency. We allow candidates who are VERY LIKELY to be traitors, criminals and financed by the known and self proclaimed ENEMIES of the Western World. We The People have embraced them, passed laws to protect them and disregarded the very laws that have kept us safe from them. These select few are immune to prosecution because the very people that have a SWORN DUTY to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, are the same traitors that have publicly sold our country to the enemy. America isn’t the only nation at fault. ALL Western countries are just as guilty or more so.

Since I have been writing these articles I have receive heart breaking messages, e-mails and calls giving me firsthand accounts of how the citizenry of their countries has fallen into Shariah Law. People whom have lived in the same house they were born in, as were their ancestors. They beg me to spread the truth, let other know and to do what I can to stop it. I’m but an old man sitting behind a computer screen do what little left that I can do. I feel as the lone voice in a crowded room with loud music playing to cover my warnings. Even those listening and willing to do whatever they can, are helpless. The governments of the world have conceded defeat. Not only did they do nothing to prevent it, but prosecuted citizens that have tried. As a kid, we were taught that Russia was the bad guys, then China, then a handful of dictators scattered around the globe. Now- we are taught that we are all just one big happy global family with just a few terrorist that spoil world harmony. We the sheep of the world bought it. We bought it hook, line and sinker. We think that we are told to think, we follow who we are told to follow and we obey idiotic rules because it’s the right thing to do.

There WAS a time that we could have fought back, remained free and able to pursue our goals and dreams. We’ve now given, sold and bartered that away. Yes- we all did it to ourselves and have no one to blame but ourselves.

Think of the irony. North Korea, lead by an insane kid threatens the world and has the capabilities to destroy any city in the world at no more than a whim. Declared haters of the west have been given, and in fact have nuclear weapons at their disposal. At any time most ANY of the western nations could completely mitigate this world wide threat with a few presses of a button. At one time world peace was a very real and viable option within our grasp, instead we chose to be “civilized” and be “tolerant” of others, even the ones hell bent on our destruction. APPEASEMENT HAS NEVER, IN THE HISTROY OF MANKIND, WORKED. Yet, to this day appeasement and idol threats have done nothing but bring all mankind into slavery. Divisiveness has kept us fighting each other; unfounded accusations have diverted our attention. Television, radio and internet that is owned either fully or in large part by our sworn enemies has brainwashed us to all feel guilty. Even the very thought of the  slightest defiance makes us feel un-Patriotic.

The “New World Order” has won.  Like any organization, it will have growing pains. It will have problems and detractors. They will all be dealt with successfully. A few of us will continue to resist, pledge to fight to the death and some will actually do so. Most have no idea who the enemy is, who to fight and have nothing REAL to fight with.

At anytime Obama can implement Martial Law. Few care because few know and understand what that is. Fewer still will make an effort to even casually Google it. Obama can wage war at anytime with anyone for any or no reason at all and no one will actually do anything to stop him. When I say OBAMA, you can insert any world leader in place of his name. Over the years the United Nations have conspired against the people of the earth, and no one cares. They have passed laws that affect everyone on earth, even nations that are, by their own laws, immune to external laws.

Many of us, worldwide would fight and die to preserve our freedom and I have no doubt about that what-so-ever. I personally know a several dozen militias that have formed recently in an attempt to preserve our freedom and democracy. Who are they going to fight? Who’s the enemy? Patriotism has turned on us. Patriotism and being civilized has blinded us to the enemy. IF anarchy would happen to break out, it will be put down, swiftly, harshly with overwhelming force. As a citizen of the world it is your DUTY to know and understand what is about to happen. The words DUE DILLIGENCE apply here. This is not a “may be” scenario, this is “A HERE AND NOW”. It IS happening, it is happening to you and everyone else in the world. Likely it is too late to stop it, but there is the slightest possibility that it can be stopped. Is it worth your time and effort to get your ass out of your chair and pay attention, get involved and make an INFORMED decision about what IS HAPPENING to you and your posterity?

As hard as I have tried to keep specific politics out of this, something just has to be said.

Billionaire Donald J. Trump is the one stumbling block to the NWO’s plan. Now their plan is being threatened. No defeated at all, but merely threatened with delay. Every political faction on earth is against Mr. Trump!

I’ve has my criticisms of The Donald, just one, recently

I’ve had my very outspoken criticisms of the Muslims, ongoing and for a long time.

The outcome? I’ve yet to receive even one threat of any kind from the Muslim world. If you’ve bothered to read my prior articles then you know that I’ve done everything my publisher would allow to bring their plan to light. To expose them for who and what they are. I’ve insulted them every way I know how. Quit disappointingly, I have not even gotten ONE SINGLE response much less a threat to me for doing so.

I made one single small criticism, which was in my opinion, totally justified. That one small remark has brought down a ton of backlash, detractors and threats.

In my opinion, to just name a few-  Soros, Clinton, Obama, Cruz, the GOP and the DNC are the enemies of truth, justice and the American (and western) way of life. Go ahead, get mad at me. I’m just the messenger, not the bad guy. I support Trump for President, always have and have never wavered. At the same time- I have my freedom of speech, I think, I try to keep up with current events, I have my opinions. I have the RIGHT to point out what I believe are mistakes. I may not always be right in everyone’s eyes. I could make a totally stupid and wholly untrue remark and some would believe it. Conversely I could make a statement of proven unadulterated FACT and some would disagree. That’s the way the world works.

You have every right to disagree with me. You have every right to agree with me. NO WHERE does it say that you have the right to be wrong! Being wrong used to be just that- WRONG. Now- in the PC world, it’s everyone’s right to be wrong and the more wrong you are the more you are defended by the PC Nazis. Why? That’s easy, it part of the plan. The more people that are accepted as being wrong, the easier it is to label the people who are right, wrong!


None of the above no longer means anything, we are all now so self indulgent that no one can see past their own interest for the good of society at large. Once you actually wake up and realize that you AREN’T free anymore, will there be any way to fight back?

In a word and the closing word- it’s called APATHY and that APATHY makes everyone PATHETIC.

“So goes the word, so goes the world.”


As a side note- I have no idea at this point if I’ll with bother to write any more or not. I’ll leave that to you and your remarks left below and your messages to me. I’d just hope that you make your remarks to me PUBLIC. If you can’t figure out why then it doesn’t matter.

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FORMER- Cop, Fireman, EMT, Trampoline Instructor, Gunsmith, Firearms Instructor, Minister, Law Enforcement, Private Investigator, Body Guard, Biker, Race Car Driver, Carpenter, Furniture Maker & Wood Worker, Highly Qualified Industrial Maintenance Technician and Manager, Instrument maker, Adventurer, Scuba Diver, Plane owner and pilot, River Boat Skipper, Writer, Author, Journalist, Welder, Mechanic (I can fix most anything and just about have). Meteorite Hunter, K9 Trainer, Dog and Cat lover. Typically I am unsociable and just plain hardheaded. Though I have taken a few prodigies under my wing. LOTS more than I can't remember for now.


  1. Hang in there Master! I only met you on twitter & living on a little Is/continent- we have an insignificant global impact.I agree with you 100% and like you -have the same feelings of hopelessness @ the pathetic commitment to ALL our futures.
    Interesting that you haven’t been threatened as “Fear” has a lot of the silent majority-keeping their heads down and mouths shut. PPL like Tommy Robertson, D Trump,Nigel Farage, Christopher Monckton & their supporters have overcome that “fear” for the good of mankind!

    • I’d be just fine with them threatening me, and better yet actually trying to carry it out. I’m armed, ready and waiting for those swine. Rats will be gnawing on their bones, and I’ll be laughing and waiting for the next one. Muslims are satin incarnated and deserve to mercy.

  2. I’m Truely ASTONISHED at how well this article has been reviewed and received by everyone. Please believe me when I say that I am Truely honored. This amount of support is mid boggling to me. I am humbled.

  3. Cynthia Finkelstein on

    Hello. My friend sent this article to me. It is extremely well wtitten an d adresses points that are important now more than ever before.
    I am stunned to the point of nausea at the blatant ignorance of those who could justify socialism and could give away our basic rights and freedoms. I am truly stunned by it.
    Keep up with your writing and informing the public.
    Years ago ibwas upset that Herman Cain did not make it in to the W.H. Then, I realized that perhaps he was meant to be a public educator. You are that same type of person- someone who is meant to educate others.
    Don’t stop. You are obviously here for a reason- a big one.

  4. Benjamin Joseph on

    I’m Christian , a father & husband & I cried when I read your article . Finally someone else who feels all that I do .
    There is no discussion , we’re so close to “midnight”it’s scary .
    All I want to know is what do we do , the time for discussion is over & negotiation is impossible with these people .
    I am not an American but have always loved your country & what it stands for .
    Consider me fully committed .
    Trump must win , the alternative is not an option .

  5. When did rules of war apply its not governed by rules. You kill the enemy untill there are none left. You use ANY MEANS TO WIN PERIOD.

  6. On further thinking the moslims are not more then wild beast. They have lost what we in the western world would consider humananity. Leaving the sgell of mankind but the mind and behaviour of animals. Animals that want to hunt and prey on humans.
    The Lord God our father in Heaven has given us the answer we are here made in Gods own image. That would include emotions. Emotions that leads to Gods worst traight anger and wrath. When animals hint and prey o humans we humans have controll of all beast and animals. Rabid dogs wolfs abd other Savage animals we hunt down and destroy. That is the way of wrath. Man kind has shown wrath in many ways.
    Moslims chose to become animals we Gods creation are masters of all animals masters of all on Earth. The time has come for us to stand together and erase moslims from the pages of exhistance. As for our wrath demands justice for the slaughter of our fellow christians. God will not reflood the Earth for our wrath. Ge was wounded in heart when he flooded the Earth he will only watch and be pleased woth us destroying the animal man in moslim beast.
    This is my oppinion and my 1st A right to freely make my point. I do not care if the world does not like it. I will speak of my heart and mind.

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