Brussels already forgotten


Brussels already forgotten

The victims of Brussels attacks are still in morgues and hospitals but the whole drama is as good as forgotten.

Why do I say that?

Sometime ago, no less bloody massacre happened in Paris. Lefties accused the Right that they caused 1400 years of Islamic terrorism by their inflammatory rhetoric. Some commiserating hashtags appeared on the Twitter. French President behaved in a military manner for 5 seconds telling us that we are at war without specifying with whom we are at war. And….that is it. It was all over and forgotten.

So is Brussels attacks – they will be forgotten in a week’s time. Same Progressives will be brainwashing our kids with Religion of Peace bullshit, leaders will take more Muslim refugees in…….

What do we do to remember?

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  1. Adapter Mangos (@TamIMisledUs) on

    Don’t worry.
    Before we totally forget that islam is a “religion of peace”, some muslim or other will initiate an islamic terror atrocity, in order to remind us.

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