Julian’s BS series


Julian’s BS series

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Responses to Julian Burnside pathetic Jihad apologetic Tweets.

Julian’s BS series

  • Julian’s BS series: Absolutely not true. I am a refugee and your patronizing supremacism did not radicalize me.

  • How many Christian, Assyrian and Yazidi refugees became radicalized by bigotry?

  • How many Vietnamese, Chinese, Italian and Greeks became radicalized by bigotry

  • Why there is no bigotry towards Buddhists?

    You, supremacist snob, have no idea what we refugees think of you behind your back.

    You have no argument here. All you can say now that I am not a refugee. I have my papers.

    Hugs and kisses do not de-radicalize terrorists. Guns do.

I feel at home with my Aussie mates and their non PC views. I guess, now you do not welcome all refugees?

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  1. You sure let him off far too easy. I was going to write a really scathing piece on this jerk and expose him for who and what he really is…. I’ll guess I will leave for for another day when he shoots his asinine mouth off again, but he’s had his last chance with me. Other leftist bleeding heart liberals take note…..
    The old saying comes to mind “If you can’t beat them, join them. Any liberals who join the Muslims, Jihadist, ISIS or any of the other masks that the Muslims use, beware…. Quite simply you are either for them or against them. When the shit hits the fan there will only be two side…and I already know which side the winner will be… America, and the other Western Nations that follow.

  2. Adapter Mangos (@TamIMisledUs) on

    I expect he would blame his wife for causing him to beat her.
    Such would be the behaviour of someone who fails to accept that we are the ones, and noone else, who have responsibility for our actions.
    Julian should stop excusing other people by putting the responsibility for their actions onto someone else.

  3. In your last paragraph, for once I REALLY do disagree with you. That’s a major load of horseshit that GUNS RADICALIZE TERRORISTS! You know better than that. To some extent it may empower them, but a well armed civilian force shall always put them down before they get a foothold.

    The Forefathers of the United States of America knew this and that it would keep the government in check also. Hence, the Second Ammenment “…the right to keep and bear arms….”.

    If guns RADICALIZE people to become a terrorist then over 75% of Americans are TERRORISTS, and I’m proud to be one of many.

    More likely I suspect that you picked a poor choice of wording. For someone that English is his third language, I think I will let it slide- THIS TIME! Lol

    We will just blame it on some self-adsorbed worm headed TWO faced bigot named Julian. <–sounds like a girls name anyway. Is he-she-it a cross dresser or something to that nature? If so, I will retract that last statement in an effort to get along with the leftist swine that want pedofiles in the children's restrooms, turn MY country over to ISIS, and let the Klintons get away with billions of dollars in bribes- but only long enough to get my guns'n ammo out of the safe. They are already loaded.

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