NO Firearms Allowed At the RNC in Cleveland, Ohio? WHAT????


NO Firearms Allowed At the RNC in Cleveland, Ohio? WHAT????


Once again the leftist publication HUFFINGTON POST  writes a story about guns.  Surprisingly though, this time they got it close to right and didn’t include much of the typical anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment BS they usually include. In short, the Republican National Convention will be held at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland Ohio. The arena has a NO FIREARMS POLICY.

Many red-blooded Republicans, as well as Demoncrats carry firearms most places. Weapons bans in MOST places aren’t typically illegal, it’s just against the policy of the particular business that doesn’t allow guns. In most states you can still legally carry firearms in them, but if they ask you to leave then you must comply or be guilty of trespassing.  Just for the record, typically, any place that the government owns or politicians have anything to do with, weapons are illegal. It would be pretty poor if the firearms ban of the Stadium was enforced during the convention and for Quicken Loans as the sponsoring company for the arena. Naturally the typical pro Concealed Carry red-blooded  American patriots are revolting against this policy, and want to be allowed their CONSTITUTIONALLY GUARANTEED RIGHT to BEAR ARMS. Anyone that even remotely follows my articles knows that I am about as pro-gun as you can get and I’m a Life Member or the National Rifle Association. If you aren’t a member then please join the now!

According to the policy on their website, “firearms and other weapons of any kind are strictly forbidden on the premises of Quicken Loans Arena.”

I always carry my weapon concealed, that’s just my preference. Why upset the liberal “DEMONcrats” and give them even more reason to cry about firearms? Right now our RIGHT to own and carry a firearm is fairly solid. The biggest roadblock is the suspicious and untimely death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. We are just one liberal appointment away from losing this RIGHT and that is why the upcoming elections are so important. For me, this is AMONG the many reasons to get and keep a Conservative Pro Constitutional leadership in Washington D.C.

As typical the Huffington Post had to find some way to misrepresent things regarding the Right, so they decided to pick on Donald Trump for no reason. Why would these jerks pop Trump out of thin air and decide that they were going to pee on him on an unrelated story? Yes- I’m fully a Donald J. Trump supporter, and again for many reasons.

The Secret Service banned firearms at the 2012 RNC. The RNC let the Secret Service get away with it. The Republican convention IS a private organization and the Secret Service in reality has little control over it and the gun toting issue, especially since Mr. Obama won’t be attending. If the RNC allows the arena or the Secret Service to dictate what Constitutional Rights they will ALLOW, then it seems to me that the RNC should be put on NOTICE BY AMERICA that this isn’t tolerable. The RNC picked the time and the place. I just so happens that I am a member of the RNC and have just been elected to a small position within the party at the state level. At my first opportunity I’ll make my protest known officially. In the meantime- I urge EVERYONE to contact the RNC, the arena and the state of Ohio and everyone involved with them and raise a stink.




Let QUICKEN LOANS know how you feel- Their toll free number is 855-980-5536, and I am sure they would really appreciate hearing from EVERYONE about this issue. (hint!)




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  1. I am all for the 2 Amendment. If I looked like those girls I would try to get away with it too. However I don’t, so that will NEVER happen. I too am a member of the NRA and highly recommend it to all red blooded Americans!
    Do it! Let’s keep our country free!!! Go America!!!

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