“Refugees” & “Protests”- YOU are a slave now!


“Refugees” & “Protests”- YOU are a slave now!


Irony. How totally INSANE can the governments of Europe be? So-called refugees and immigrants are currently violently clashing with police. At the moment Greece is the first country these “refugees” arrive. They cause havoc, riots and just plain generally cause trouble until Greece MUST release them to trek throughout Europe with impunity.

The governments seem to be more than happy with this situation, by encouraging these “rapeugees” to do whatever they please to whomever they please. The only people being arrested are the citizens of the various countries that are trying to protect themselves or others from the violence created by these terrorists. Watch the TV and look at these so called refugees, the poor women and children fleeing oppression of their governments and the wrath of ISIS, Boko Haram and all of the rest of the Muslim Jihadist organizations. VERY few, percentage wise are actually real refugees. Most are young men, in top fighting physical condition, brainwashed with hate, and all too ready to cause trouble and rioting at every given chance.

You’d have to be a hermit living under a rock in northern Alaska to not be aware of the eminent threat to all western countries from the “refugees”. It’s is FAR too obvious to anyone with the capability to think for themselves what is going on. The will of the people is being totally ignored in ALL western counties, and preferential treatment is being given to these Muslim invaders. Leftist will point out that many are Christian refugees escaping murder and torture in their native countries. This is TRUE, a VERY small percentage of the time. The rest are posers. Enemy combatants, un-uniformed spies infiltrating and invading ALL western nation with the hostile intentions of taking over the west in the name of a “religion of peace” that doesn’t actually exist. Islam is nothing but an ARMY of foreign invaders. ISLAMAPHOBIA does not exist; it’s not real, because the threat is real! It’s not paranoia if they really ARE OUT TO GET YOU!

It is far too obvious that the governments are an integral part of this plan, and the leaders of the various governments are guilty of treason and high crimes against all mankind. The PEOPLE must hold their governments accountable by whatever means they have available.

The time of sitting back and waiting for someone else to do something has long past. The same apathy that brought Hitler to power along with all of the Nazi atrocities that are so despised today is happening again, here and now.

How stupid are the people of this earth? YOU- no matter who YOU are, and where you are- are freely giving away your freedom, family, possessions and country to hostile invasion forces with virtually no resistance at all. You are spitting and defiling the graves and memories of all your countrymen that gave their lives to protect you and your country.

A few brave souls have actually started protests against the Muslim invasions. For a large part these brave souls and patriots are young WOMEN that dare to stand up to the oppression and abuse that their own countries and Muslims are forcing upon them. Shariah Law is becoming the norm instead of the outlawed exception to the rule, sometimes with the blessings of the ruling parties of the countries.

Slavery. S L A V E R Y ! The very word that instills hatred, loathing and fury among the black populations of many countries from a century or more ago is being OPENLY EMPLOYED, endorsed and taught by the Muslim cults. Where’s the outrage and fury now?

Tens of thousands of men, women and children are IN SLAVERY NOW! The men are typically murdered in horrendous pain and torture. The women and children are nothing but sexual pieces of meat, regularly bought and sold. YES- these people are REAL SLAVES.

Modern day slaves of all colors, races, nationalities, cultures and religions’, including Muslims.

I hear no outrage in that sham organization called the United Nations. I see no country on earth outraged at this and actually willing to do anything of real consequence. If you are waiting for the Muslim owned and controlled news and social media to report on this, think again. Just as Twitter has their Twitter Nazis to keep users in their place, so do the so-called “free press”. If you want to know what is really going on, sit you butt down in front of a computer instead of the TV news and seek out the real people from the countries worldwide and read and actually correspond with the people that are living this outrage- HERE AND NOW!

I along with a few others in my position hear from these people on a daily basis. They tell me of the horrendous crimes perpetrated by their Muslim neighbors against them and are overlooked by the law enforcement agencies and governments. I get firsthand accounts of

these atrocities EVERY DAY, unsolicited. People pleading for someone to let the world know what is going on and begging for help. These people aren’t in the Middle East, or countries that you’ve never heard of! These are people of every western “civilized” country on earth!

We, every country of the western world have already been invaded. Reinforcements are being brought in faster than any army on earth could resupply them. That’s because every government on earth is party to aiding the invasion. This isn’t some crazy whacked out conspiracy theory, this is real, now and verifiable. It’s not hard at all to find real people who are slaves in their own homes, being victimized by the falsely called “Religion of Peace”.

So, now you know. You’ve been informed. The FACTS are in front of you and easily verifiable. What are you going to do? Your options are limited, either; Get involved and fight back or Become a victimized slave!

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  1. Its not understandable why these so called governments are not protecting its own people. I see it like this the fail to protect the citizens then they cant controll what we the people will do in responce.. if you not with us then your against us period. We stand togwther and if those who dont want to help cab stay in theor homes till our storm has passed.
    We must dawn the armour of God and take up our swords so to speak and defend our own, laws or not. These same law makers are not doing the job they should be doing protecting its citizens. Then we do what we must and protect ourselves there are no laws about it when it comes down to it they dont outnumber us thats the fact. Grab anything you can to protect and defend inclueing glass full of flamebles.

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