Julian Burnside and Co breeds bigotry


Julian Burnside and Co breeds bigotry

(Perspective of a refugee in Australia on how Julian Burnside and Co breeds bigotry.)

It has been long time since I wanted to write about how Julian Burnside and Co breeds bigotry. First of all, let me thank my adopted country – Australia for taking me. In 20 years of living in Australia I have NOT experienced a single incident of racism or bigotry. Thanks to big hearts of Australian people. There are some individuals in our society, lawyers, academics and ‘human rights activists’ who would want the credit for that to go to them. They claim that it is due to their ‘educating Australians about racism’, we refugees are safe here. Wrong – this article is to show you that it is exactly opposite.

Recently, one of my fellows refugees experienced some negativity by an Australian towards her for the first time in 15 years of living in Australia. There were other instances of similar behaviour noted by other refugees and migrants recently. Julian and Co scream – Australians are racists! Australians are bigots! In fact, little they know, but it is Julian and Co who create bigotry, not ordinary Australians.

I am afraid of #JulianBurnside more than of some so called ‘bigot’ Julian scares me with. The difference between redneck bigot and Julian Burnside is that I can successfully reason with the ‘bigot’.

How Julian Burnside and Co breeds bigotry? Julian and Co breed bigotry by shutting down any honest and constructive debate on integration and assimilation. They claim that even some statistics  can be ‘racist’ and proclaim any one a bigot who dares to discuss simple facts about refugees and migrants.

The main danger of Julian and Co to refugees is their denial that migrant and refugees groups are NOT the same. Some groups never assimilate – not in first generation, not in second or third, some groups never work and are recipients of welfare for generations, some groups over-represented in crime statistics. One particular group managed to produce 100% of convicted terrorists in Australia. Julian and Co claim that all migrants and refugees are the same and it is racism and bigotry to differentiate them.

Following Julian and Co logic, I am not different to members of a particular community, 10% of which participated in violent brawls in Melbourne recently. According to Julian, I am not different to another migrant group 95% of which never will work in their life.

Hold on, I am a law abiding, tax paying family man who earned two University degrees in Australia (and paid for them). I do not want to be treated like the groups mentioned above. 95% of people in my group are people like me – we contribute to Australian economy, enjoy safe and prosperous life. If we ever experience any negativity, it is because the types of Julian shut down the debate about migrant and refugee diversity. We are all the same, according to them. We are all good, according to Julian and Co. Australians know that we are not ALL GOOD. Australians are NOT stupid. Pushing the luvvy, ‘all migrants are great’ fallacy down Aussies’ throats only causes a backlash. That is why I am afraid of Julian Burnside and Co.

There must be an honest debate about how different groups of refugees and migrants fit in. There must be a clear picture shown of how some groups contribute to economy and culture and some groups do not. That is my guarantee of safety from racism and bigotry – not Utopian view of equality of cultures.

Predicted responses from Julian and Co:

  1. No response at all. It is usual reaction to any half-good argument thrown at them.
  2. I am a racist and a bigot without any explanation why.
  3. I am an idiot and immature low IQ cockroach and should listen to someone so much superior to me like Julian Burnside.
  4. I am not a refugee but an impostor, follower of Miranda Devine blog. I can prove my official refugee status and prepared to bet $30K (I need car upgrade). Any of the luvvy brigade prepared to part with $30K?



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  1. @littleWombat666 on

    Also Burnside & co practice a form of racism, (nicknamed the racism of low expectations) presenting minority races and creeds as generic victims, Islam especially.

    They need them to be victims and encourage them to embrace the shoddy perks victimhood offers. All it costs is their vote, voice and chance at freedom.

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