Anti-terrorist operations cause terrorism


Anti-terrorist operations cause terrorism

The new article by Farhana Khera Executive Director, Muslim Advocates says. (

In recent days we’ve seen horrendous attacks in Belgium, Turkey and Pakistan targeting innocent people simply going about their daily lives. As we mourn the victims, these attacks are another tragic reminder that victims of terrorism share no single race or faith.

Yes, victims of terrorist attacks are from different racial and religious backgrounds. However, perpetrators are always of the same faith. Why? Does it mean that there is something wrong with the faith? Or is there something wrong with the rest of the people? What would simple logic dictate?

To keep our families safe from violence, Americans of all faiths must stand together and not allow ourselves to be divided as we face threats from violent extremists.

To keep ourselves safe -we need to follow standard security procedures. Security services have to monitor communities that produce 99.99999% of terrorists in the world.


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