Why Not Israel?


Why Not Israel?


I have to admit it, I like Israel. I always have and always will. I’m not alone either, almost ALL of the people who follow me on Twitter (Thank You) also have listed in their profiles that they are Pro-Israel. America as a country has always been close friends and allies with Israel. We always have and always will. That said- The sooner that Obama gets out of office, the better for everyone. In no way do his policies and practices when dealing with Israel actually reflect what real regular Americans feel. Yes, there are a few Americans that aren’t fond of Israel and that is their right. I won’t pretend to be representative of all Americans on this topic, so please do not take it that way. I speak for myself.

I can’t say that I have any single reason why, but more like a conglomeration of reasons that I like Israel. First off, like is a very poor and understated word to use when I refer to Israel. Since I’ve never been there, the word LOVE might be too strong. I’m planning on visiting sometime, hopefully sooner than later. Let’s face it, there ain’t a whole lot of later left with me. I’m at the stage in my life where everything is better off sooner. MY fascination for Israel stems from being a Christian and reading what’s written in both the New and Old Testaments. Additionally, I was lucky enough to have an exclusively Christian private schools education. In all three of those schools, we were always taught to respect and protect Israel and the Jews. The Bible says that the Jews are the chosen people of God, so who am I to argue with God? (Actually I do it all the time, but that’s another story)

Israel became an independent State less than a decade before I was born and was still a new Nation as I entered pre-kindergarten. You could say I grew up with Israel and always watched closely to see “what’s next?”. While I feel right at home with Israel, I must also admit that the Jews do mystify me. Everything from the language, customs, foods and the differing sects and tribes all confound me, as well as the hate and persecution they have endured throughout history. Why? Everyone knows that Christianity arose from the Jewish religion. Though I never knew her, my great grandmother was a Prussian Jew from Germany. She immigrated to American in 1850 and as far as I know, she is the newest immigrant in my family. She never admitted being from Germany and always said that she was a Prussian Jew. That small tidbit of my ancient ancestry has always been what I consider to be my rightful connection with Israel. Real or perceived, it’s MY connection and no one is going to take that away. Same thing with Native Americans, but again, that’s another article for later.

If I could meet anyone still alive it would be my all time hero- PM Benjamin BiBi Netanyahu. When I think Israel, he is who pops into mind. In my mind he and Israel are one in the same. I know that everyone doesn’t look upon him as favorably as I do, but that is their problem. Netanyahu is what I think of as Modern Israel, and Jesus is who I think of as the Biblical Israel- history. Israel is a new and modern western style Nation with her roots as old as written history. The clash of the new and modern Israel is in stark contrast with not only the Biblical Israel, but even as the Israel that I grew up with as a kid. The modern Jews have taken an ancient country- fought, died and cried over it, and preserved it all, as much as they possible could thru the millennia. Everyone should admire this. That is grit, determination and tenacity at its best and finest.

I opened up a new gasoline filter not long ago. It was made in Israel, as well as a leatherworking hammer that I have. Over the years more and more products are produced in Israel and anytime I run across something made in Israel I try to buy it, just like I do for American made goods. Most Jews and Israeli’s that I have had the pleasure to meet have all been proud of their ancient history and culture, and rightfully so. I am more aware of Israel as a new and modern Nation and culture. I’m pretty sure that if I was born an Israeli that I would be in the IDF. It’s not so far out of line with my earlier occupation in police and security work, so I can identify with them. Not long ago I had to ask a few questions of a popular Twitter personality. Since I’ve not asked her, I won’t say who she is, but chances are, if you are reading this then you already know. She politely and pointedly answered my questions and then back into the darkness of internet. She’s “unapologetically” Israeli. I see her as the model of the modern Israeli. Her profile photo is meant to provoke the Palestinians, and I’m sure it does. If you are any kind of a red blooded male her photo will catch your eye. I have no idea if that is actually her or not. I haven’t asked and don’t really want to know. I just know that as long as she, and others like her, are around, so will Israel.

Americans are generally VERY PROUD to be American, as I am. We tend to take it for granted, and really aren’t too worried about America as a nation surviving, in spite of Obama. Israelis on the other hand, actually demonstrate their patriotism and live it every day. Israel- a tiny little nation in the middle of nowhere and surrounded by sworn enemies has survived. Religion aside and if for no other reason, that is why this NATION must survive, will survive and thrive.

I see the modern Israeli as temporary guardians of their ancestor’s lives, deaths, accomplishments, traditions and spirit to survive no matter what. America and Israel are the two countries that I will equally protect with my life. It may sound funny that I say that about a country I have never visited and likely never will, and a culture that I will never understand fully.

If by now you don’t understand why, then you likely never will.

~Sir_Blaster of TerrorFight.com

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