Is Vladimir Putin a great ballet dancer?


Is Vladimir Putin a great ballet dancer?

Yes, as much as Andrew O’Keefe is a journalist.

The episode of Sunrise about Halal certification was aired on 10th April 2016. I have never seen such a biased, unfair and poorly executed pack attack on TV before.

Andrew O’Keefe forgot that he is a journalist and suppose to drive the discussion rather than broadcast his personal strong opinion.

We will not go into Halal discussion but look into Andrew O’Keefe ‘journalism’ instead.

Firstly, Andrew assembled a General Practitioner, a retired not so successful politician and a person referred to as ‘business consultant’ as his ‘panel of experts’. That was supposed to give credibility to  Andrew’s own opinion that everything Islam is good, everyone who questions Islamic practices is a racist.

Secondly, the theme that criticism or mere disagreement with Islam is racism destroyed the last credibility of Sunrise as a serious TV program. What race is Islam?

To the credit of Monique Wright, she did not express any personal opinions and tried to, actually, do some journalism, driving the discussion rather than attacking some ones’s character.

I do not know what outcomes Andrew O’Keefe wanted to have as a result of this bullying session, but that is what he achieved:

  • Kirralie Smith has put up a very good fight and was, in fact, sympathized by audience. The response in social media showed overwhelming support to her position.
  • The credibility of Andrew O’Keefe and Sunrise was seriously damaged by making factually incorrect statements such as Islam is a race.
  • The palpable bias and a bullying strategy made some people in the audience to start questioning the topic of Halal certification instead of just agreeing with Andrew. Does it all makes Andrew O’Keefe a secret anti-Halal campaigner?

Some even suggested that Andrew is aspiring to become a Labor politician.

Well done, Andrew. You should have better stack to deal or no deal and leave serious topics to cover by adults.


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  1. No reputable and upstanding company should be catering to Muslims and the terror they spread. For all practical purposes it is tantamount to treason and aiding the enemy of all mankind. If any company was caught pandering exclusively to Nazis they would be out of business overnight and this is no different. It matters not what country it is happening in. Muslims have the entire Middle East and North Africa. That’s enough! In fact, that’s far too much.

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