Bash the Boys


Bash the Boys

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This latest article by the Huffington Post reveals the most disgraceful and dishonest attack on Australian boys and men for awhile.

This is an advertising campaign to stop Domestic Violence in Australia, yet it is aimed only at men, at white men and disregards the facts about Domestic Violence.

This campaign is the brainchild of Minister for Womyn, Michaelia Cash.

The ad shows an 8 or 9 year old boy who is depicted as abusing his sister. I find it so sickening I can hardly watch it.

Quote from Huffington article:
“A young boy slamming a door on a girl as a “joke.” A tubby tween being berated by his dad for throwing “like a girl.” A tense argument in a car.

A woman cowering, terrified, on the floor as her enraged partner looms over her, venom in his stare.

It is the confronting new government ad campaign targeting domestic violence, urging Australian men to “stop it from the start” and stamp out potential steps toward violence before they can take root. It’s the ad looking to eradicate even small and ‘minor’ disrespect, to remove the excuse that “boys will be boys.”

The $30 million campaign was unveiled by Social Services Minister Christian Porter and Minister for Women Michaelia Cash on Wednesday. The TV advertisement, titled “Respect,” travels between time periods in the life of a boy and girl, aiming to illustrate how disrespectful behaviour towards women can turn into something darker.”

I believe this is just another step in demonising young boys and men. And it has got to stop.

Fortunately, Miranda Devine of News Ltd has been able to shed some light on domestic violence here:

Quote from Miranda Devine:
“My sin was to point out the incontrovertible truth about domestic violence, that it is overwhelmingly concentrated in dysfunctional remote indigenous communities and public housing estates.

The response from femi-fascists was to try to get me sacked, silenced and banned from twitter.

They called for my “sterilisation”, branded me a “murder apologist”, a “troll”, a “sicko”, an ”idiot”, “a bimbo”, “a vile creature dangerous to kids”, “nasty and vicious”, “stupid”, “a disgrace”, “rabid old hatemonger”, “a typical Australian”.

“Your victim blaming has done almost as much harm to victims of Domestic Violence as the abusers,” read one email.”

None of us should tolerate deceit and tyranny from any government. I am ready for the next Australian election.

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  1. Just another case of PC run amuck. Yes, everyone should have respect on an equal basis with everyone else. Typical overcompensation & over stygmatism of a small incident. Bullies will be Bullies as long as parents don’t stop it. Yes- this is BULLYING. Call it what it is, no matter who the aggressor is.

  2. Remember that us white men cab say fuck you have a half breed fuck child. We wont have you. And the other breeds will beat your wan asses without caee…only a whitean respects a woman enough to not beat her assfor running her mouth. Think of thay for once. You stupid polotically correct cunts are done we real men are going to hunt you all down and destroy your entire line every last ine of you will be fodder for the worms and plants….

  3. This is partly why the Liberal government in Australia is not worthy of my vote. The ad campaign is child abuse. Michaelia Cash should run, not walk from this crap. Parents need to be aware that their boys are being demonised, abused and sidelined by the Regressive Left. Man up.

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