Poland to Ukraine: it is time to pay your bills – we are retaking Western Ukraine


Poland to Ukraine: it is time to pay your bills – we are retaking Western Ukraine

Selected Russian news translated for Western readers.

Translated from: http://eadaily.com/ru/news/2016/05/17/platite-po-schetam-panove-polsha-anneksiruet-zapadnuyu-ukrainu

Poland to Ukraine: pay your bills or we annex Western Ukraine

Illustration: politobzor.net

There is information that proliferates Polish media that some neighboring countries have territorial claims to Ukraine. Poland, Romania, Hungary and even Turkey led politics towards disintegration of Ukraine even before Petr Poroshenko came to politics.

Of course, each of these countries has its own technique and his approach to solving territorial disputes with Ukraine. However, the most advanced in this respect the Polish government, which from September 2015 started the practical realization of the concept of «Ojczyzna ożywienie» ( «Revival of Motherland”) in relation to the western regions of Ukraine, which are, according to the Polish side, traditionally Polish territories, which sooner or later back under Polish jurisdiction.

Let’s start with the fact that since the Soviet era, Poland has repeatedly raised the question of ownership of the Western Ukraine, in particular, often voiced the position to prevent, “Russification” of the ancient Polish city of Lemberg.” This, as you guessed, is a city of Lvov.

Since Ukraine gained independence, the Polish side expectedly increase their efforts to polonization western regions of Ukraine, focusing on the city of Lviv and Lviv, Volyn and Ivano-Frankivsk and Ternopil regions of Ukraine.

For example, the Polish authorities since 1993 financed from the state budget of Ukraine West tours for Polish pupils and students to get acquainted with the “native Polish lands.” Since the beginning of the two thousandth’s Polish Republic started to implement the second phase of polonization Western Ukraine, where Polish companies ready to invest in the Ukrainian economy of the West, the Polish side has provided preferential loans for business projects. Parallel to this was increased and the cultural dominance of Poland in Lviv. Dozens of concerts of Polish folklore groups, various cultural and historical forums. And the list of such activities from year to year growing.

One of the cornerstones of factors is also the military component of the implementation of the official plans of Warsaw, which is actually located on the territory of Lviv region its military infrastructure under the aegis of the joint with Lithuania and Ukraine military brigade “LITPOLUKRBRIG”.

All this was accompanied by a gradual radicalization of the Polish position on the political field. For example, recently the President of Poland Andrzej Dudaprizval Poles to be ready to fight for the return of the former Polish lands. For example, as the leading author of the program “Business for a reporter,” the Polish state television channel TVP1 Elizabeth Sycamore, president of Duda said: “I call on all citizens of the Republic of Poland to be ready to fight for the return of the former Polish lands where our people continue to be subjected to harassment and humiliation by old and the new Ukrainian leadership. ”

“If modern Ukraine condemns the actions of the Soviet Union, and it condemns them, that State should voluntarily return the lands of Poland, belonging to it until 1939. We are already doing some work for the return of Polesie, Galicia and Volyn, and we need the support of the entire population of the Polish republic. Every citizen of the country should be prepared for the righteous struggle for the return of Polish territory and is home to a huge number of ethnic Poles, who need our protection “, – concluded Andrzej Duda, speaking in the Polish Sejm.

Of course, Ukraine is trying to react, but the reaction of the Ukrainian side is shown either on the eve of the election, or at the local level, in fact, it does not change anything. Thus, the leader of the popular Ukrainian party “Self-help” Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovy bluntly asked for an explanation of the Consul General of Poland Jaroslaw Drozd in connection with the incident related to the patriotic action “Independence Run”, in which the Polish party to use the card on which Lviv was part of Poland.

“I invited the consul of the Polish Republic to clarify the position of the official Warsaw about the ugliness with maps – said Orchard. – Organizers of the run did stupid, with a clearly provocative goals. Friendship – friendship, but it absolutely can not do. ” He decided to ignore one important detail. Part of the territory of Ukraine, depicted on the map, is related not only to Poland but also to Russia (all the South up to Odessa), and Romania (from the Odessa area to Bessarabia). Official notes or condemnation of the Ukrainian authorities to the Polish side, of course, did not wait.

But the most “productive” in the field of work polonization variety of Polish NGOs with a patriotic slant, the main purpose of which is, again, a return of Western Ukraine into the fold of the Commonwealth.

The most powerful and prepared organization, claims the Ukrainian side, a Polish non-governmental organization “Restitution Crecy,” which, according to unofficial sources, is a creature of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and which assigned the main role in the legal claims punching Polish Ukraine. As one of the leaders of the Polish Party “Change” Mateusz Piskorski, the organization set up to address the issue of the return of the “true owners” of Western Ukraine lost property and cash compensation for the years of “occupation”, and what kind of “occupation”, the manifesto of the NGOs foresight is not specified.

The organization was formally established in Lublin. As for the main goals and objectives, they are in a legal analysis of the possibility of obtaining compensation for lost property and other property in the territory of Ukraine. Chapter “Restitution Crecy” Conrad Renkasgovorit: “If you look at the experience of Poland and other Eastern European countries that have joined the European Union, they have this process has already been completed or already completed. Now Ukraine announces officially that it intends to comply with EU principles set out in the Association Agreement with the EU, so the idea of ​​creating a structure that will collect data on possible claims of heirs and the former owners of property on the territory of Ukraine, and will develop a legal and legitimate way of obtaining compensation. ”

According to the same Renkasa, these people at the moment more than 120 thousand, we can talk not only about financial claims that tens of billions of euros, but also about real estate. “Restitution Crécy” will provide them legal assistance in the courts.

“We appeal to the requirement to be a consistent Kiev authorities. If they declare their movement on the European path, we must recognize and European standards. Including the basic legal provision stating that the property is sacred. We have been collecting information and materials to appeal to individual and collective claims to the Ukrainian state. We will file lawsuits demanding the return of property or payment of cash compensation at market prices. We and our lawyers will speak in Ukrainian courts, in the Polish courts and in the courts of those countries, citizens of which are currently deprived of property citizens. The next step is an appeal to the courts of those countries such as the United States, where the accepted claims against any State or to the European Court, especially since Ukraine signed an agreement on evroassotsiatsii, where black and white about the undertaken obligations “, – said Conrad Renkas.

However, the sheer Polish activists believe that Kiev is passive in its movement in the direction of “Europe”. The reason for the inconsistency of Kiev, which states their commitment to Europe, but it is not eager to be guided by the European legal norms.

“In this case I would like to point out, to put it mildly, inconsistent, not to say – dishonesty of the Kiev authorities. Of course, one might expect that the statements that were made before the association with the EU, in Kiev are perceived as well as statements that they make in connection with the fighting: a pure propaganda without any legal consequences. But in the words of European legislation, particularly the written statements, matter. Here on this field and we would like to press against the wall of the Kiev authorities to those directly say what they want. Get a shiny wrapper, and stay within the wild country, controlled by oligarchs and Bandera, or to admit that the law – this is what distinguishes them from collapsing state states respecting the law, “- said Conrad Renkas.

Chapter “Restitution Crecy” advance rejects as untenable the argument Kiev possible about the absence of the Ukrainian state money for the payment of compensation. “Polish demands at an early stage, it is $ 5 billion. The EU pours in Kiev regime billions of euros, which means that the regime is able to repay old debts, not just to buy weapons against its own citizens, “- said Conrad Renkas.

And the Polish and Ukrainian political experts believe that the financial claims of the Poles in Ukraine – it’s just the beginning of a large-scale process of reformatting the west of Ukraine, especially for financial claims uniquely smart and territorial, because as we can see, the official Warsaw is already not particularly shun voice their expansionist plans in relation to the “brotherly” Ukraine.

Jan Matuszewski (Kiev)
Adopted and translated from:http://eadaily.com/ru/news/2016/05/17/platite-po-schetam-panove-polsha-anneksiruet-zapadnuyu-ukrainu

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    i suport annex old Polish City, to the Poland, but Polsih goverment don’t suport this idea

    This is Fake News

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