Questions Julian Burnside refuses to answer


Questions Julian Burnside refuses to answer

Julian Burnside is a prominent Australian lawyer, who became a figure of prominence via his advocacy for refugees. He, as he claims belongs to no political party but is open about his support for Australian Greens.Mr Burnside has a Twitter account where he is actively promotes refugee cause and calls everyone disagreeing with him bigots and racists. He claims that Islamic terrorism is caused by those who questions Islamic ideology. He insists on direct unlimited admission of refugees to Australia. There are some questions Julian Burnside refuses to answer no matter how many times he is asked.

Question 1: Would you like to live in Muslim majority country? Why?

Why there is no answer to this question? Imagine, if Mr Burnside says no he would be admitting that Islam is not such a good ideology to live under. This will be contrary to his views that Islam should not be examined or criticized.

Question 2: Do you accept costs awarded by Court in successful refugee cases?

This question related to his claims that he does all refugee work without a penny being paid to him. Costs are often awarded by Courts to the winning party in litigation. It means that who ever wins, gives the bill for lawyers’ time and other expenses to the losing party. 85% of cases are ruled by Courts in favor of refugees. Often, Courts award costs to be paid to refugee lawyers by a losing party – Australian Government. The costs are paid out of taxpayers pockets. Unfortunately, there was never a clear answer from Mr Burnside if he accepts any money paid as costs by the losing party.

Public prominence comes with public scrutiny. One who is in position of a public figure has, normally, some influence over opinions of others. It is in public’s interest to know more about public figures within boundaries of reasonable.

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