Bells do not toll for Israel


Bells do not toll for Israel

Why bells do not toll for Israel? Last week 4 Israelis were shot at the Tel-Aviv cafe by Palestinian resistance fighters. It was barely mentioned in the news around the world. Should 4 Belgians be shot by terrorists while enjoying a cup of coffee, the news around the world would buzz 24/7 for a week. The town halls around the world would be lit in Belgian national colors, people would come and put fresh flowers and soft toys in city square. Why there is no grief for Israelis? The answer is simple – it is Israel’s fault that people do not care if a few Jews are blown up or shot by Palestinian resistance fighters.

Let us start with Israel’s disproportional response to rocket fire by Palestinian resistance fighters. Hundreds of rockets are fired from Palestinian side into Israel every week. Israel is well aware that Palestinian resistance fighters often store and fire rockets into Israel from hospitals, kindergartens and schools. What civilized country would respond to that fire?  It is inhumane to fire back. Israel must exercise restrain from any resistance and instead try to meet Hamas (Palestinian side) demands for peace such as complete extermination of all Jews. Why Jews don’t simply pack up and go somewhere else and stop irritating Muslim Arabs? Jewish State is more advanced than primitive Palestinian culture and should make concessions.

Muslim Arab demands that Israel ceases to exist is well funded. Such practices by Israel as tolerance for gays and equality of women, to name a few, are the major deviations from traditional regional culture. The very existence of Israel is an intrusion of Western culture in Middle Eastern region and is poorly tolerated by local Muslim Arabs.

Land grab by Israel is another reason why the world cheers loss of Israeli life by Palestinian resistance fighters, while mourning victims of terrorism anywhere else in the world.

Yes, it is true that Israel retained Arab lands every time surrounding Arab countries attacked Israel. Such attacks hardly can be called aggression since existence of Israel is an irritant for regional Muslim Arabs. Regional Muslim Arabs were slaughtering Jews for centuries – it is their culture and we, in the West, should respect that.

Bells do not toll for Israel

Every time West interferes in Middle Eastern politics on Israel side, Palestinian suffering widens. Israel is the only liberal democracy in the region. Israel practices multiculturalism, tolerance of minorities, equality of genders and races and supremacy of judicial system over state. This is against the culture and tradition of the region. This destroys the balance of culture in the region.

Another irritating side of Israel is it’s technological supremacy. There is no hospital in developing world that does not use advanced Israeli medical technology. Jews are the most awarded Nobel laureates in area of science and technology. This disparity also is one of the causes for suicide action against Israel by Muslim resistance. Nobel prize committee must award Peace prize to a Muslim Arab for every Prize for science awarded to a Jew.

In order to achieve peace in the region, Israel must comply with Palestinian and other Muslim Arabs demands to disperse itself and give it’s land up. The principles of humanism dictate that Israel, being technologically and culturally superior, must make concessions to less developed Muslim Arab culture in the region.



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