You do not have to agree with Pauline Hanson


You do not have to agree with Pauline Hanson.

You do not have to agree with Pauline Hanson but you have to accept a simple fact that millions of Australians voted for her or gave her their voting preferences.

Pauline Hanson is not just an Australian phenomenon. Mainstream media tries to present her as a voice of redneck bigots and low IQ part of population. Just about every politician and a journalist had a shot at her. Personal insults and smirking is a ‘must’ reaction to very mentioning of her name.

Well, she was right putting the media on notice. She was right reminding everyone that it is not the mainstream media that delivers most of the news and opinions. It is magazines like us – The HuffandPuff Post that become more trusted portals for exchange of political views.

Ms Hanson is accused of racism and bigotry. Her, at times, less eloquent speech is a constant target. Well, I have heard another senator on the radio yesterday. He could not put two words together and, yet, he wasn’t mocked.

It may sound like I am Pauline Hanson’s fan. I am not. Not yet, at least. I am a migrant, a refugee to be precise. Not Anglo-Saxon but a citizen and a taxpayer. According to mainstream media, I have to scare my children with Pauline Hanson’s picture. However, I will not do that just yet. The HuffandPuff Post gave me a platform to write this article. Huff’n’puff also allowed me to invite Ms Hanson for the interview.

The Interview

Today, Pauline Hanson will receive an invitation for the written interview. We often do that at HuffandPuff (like this one by my colleague – FemmeAlpha) Another author at HuffPuff Post – Politicoverymuch is trying to interview famous refugee advocate – Julian Burnside. Mr Burnside refuses to answer any questions asked so far. I will write to her asking questions and she, hopefully, will write back with the answers. Simple. No pressure and no travel involved.

Will Pauline Hanson accept the invitation? I promise that she will be treated fairly and with respect during the interview. Not a word will go in print without confirming that it is what was said or meant. If invitation is accepted, it will be an interesting interview. Refugee interviews Pauline Hanson and everything is kept civil!

There will be no personal questions. We will, hopefully, talk about refugees, immigration and a future.

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