Political technology 101. The ‘pitchfork’ argument for Left winger.


Political technology 101. The ‘pitchfork’ argument for Left winger.

Have you ever noticed that the difference between Left and Right sides of politics is in ability give or not to give certain answers? No matter what question you address to the Right, it can be answered with YES or NO. The same does not apply to the Left. Enjoy Political technology 101. The ‘pitchfork’ argument for Left winger.

There is a ‘pitchfork’ argument that destroys the opponent credibility no matter what answer he gives. The ‘pitchfork’ argument is a question. Let us dissect one of the ‘pitchfork’ questions.

There is a debate about role and place of Islam as an ideology in the West. The Left labels everyone who questions Islam as bigots, racists and Islamophobes. There is a group of people that is growing exponentially in the West. This group is apostates from Islam – people who are ex-Muslims. Leaving Islam attracts death penalty according to Muslim Holy scripture. This punishment is often executed even against apostates living in the Western countries. The Left ignores this fact. Here is why.

The ‘pitchfork’ question.

Pick your Left activist that has just labeled you a bigot and a racist for questioning Islamic ideology. You can go for @JulianBurnside or  @MariamVeiszadeh Ask him or her: Ex-Muslims criticize Islamic ideology. Are ex-Muslims bigots and racists?

Possible answer 1. No answer.

It is the most common response. They just run away from the debate. Running from the debate destroys one’s credibility.

Possible answer 2. Yes, ex-Muslims are racists and bigots for criticizing Islam.

The absurdity of this answer would destroy anyone’s credibility. Have the ex-Muslims changes their race when left Islam?

Possible answer 3. No, ex-Muslims are not bigots and racists because they criticize Islam.

Hold on, but I was just called a bigot and a racist for questioning Islamic ideology??? This is absurd. The poor ‘cognitively dissonasnced’ Lefty just shot himself in the foot and look like 100% proof idiot.

Possible answer 4. Personal insults. More accusations of bigotry and racism.

Credibility destroyed.

As you can see, the name ‘pitchfork’ argument comes from inability of the Left oriented person to give any answer without failing the argument.

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