The acronym “UBSRD” is shorthand for “ABSURD“. Just like LOL is commonly used in chat rooms and other text-based conversations to indicate the user found something humorous, UBSRD is used to point out to a certain technique of argument.

The technique is based on exposure of the ubsurdity of the idea expressed by the opponent. For example: A says that there should be unlimited migration of Muslims into Britain. B disagrees. A accuses B of racism. Instead of arguing the A‘s idea, B engages UBSRD.

UBSRD always follows the same algorythm.

  1. B takes some indisputable fact. Example: In every country where Muslims are in majority women has less rights than men. In most of Muslim countries women that have been raped are tried by Court for adultery. Sharia Law is established in every place where Muslims are majority. Sharia Law punishes women for insubordination to men.
  2. B comes up with the ubsurd idea that mirrors his/her opponent’s views.  Example. B says: we should open our doors to millions of Muslim migrants and refugees without limitations. Not allowing 100 million Muslims in Britain is racist. It is OK for Britain to become Muslim majority country because it will bring socio-antropological balance and despite of the fact that NOWHERE in the Muslim world women are equal to men, this time it will be different. (In reality, the UBSRD is obvious.)
  3. B provokes A for the answer. No matter what A is going to say, she / he will look rather stupid. Example: A‘s responce is: “Bringing 100 millions of Muslims in Britain is absurd” –B argues; “but wait, you have accused me of racism for suggesting that we should not bring Muslims into Britain. Are you a racist yourself?” What if A says: “Yes, let us bring all 100 million Muslims into Britain and establish Muslim majority”? Firstly, the absurdity of this proposition is obvious to even seasoned Lefties. Secondly, A would proclaim that he/ she is Ok with women not having equal rights to men.

There are few more examples of UBSRD below:

Open our borders, open our hearts. Let African refugees in!
Islam is not a threat to LGBT because Islam is Religion of Peace and Tolerance.
Is Islamisation of Europe really bad?
Lessons of Boston marathon bombing: Ban pressure cookers.
First signs of humanity in ISIS
Australia to take 10 000 000 refugees.
What a great feeling!



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