Why Angry birds movie is Islamophobic?


Why Angry birds movie is Islamophobic?

More and more people find Angry birds movie Islamophobic. (Of course, it is not. Islam is a religion of peace. We love Islam. The Muslims come to live in Western countries the better. Islam enriches Western civilisation.)

Green pigs arrive at the bird’s island ‘with peace’. Their leader has a distinctive Muslim beard. Their boat is full of TNT explosives and a hidden cargo of ‘poor cousins’. 

Their leader plays the ‘victim card’ when accused of hidden motives. The Redbird – one that suspects the pigs is castigated as ‘pigophob’ by other birds. This is only to be discovered later that pigs have only one goal – steal the eggs, destroying the birds’ civilisation.  

Read the plot here

Was it accidental that the story is so similar to the views of many people on Muslims? Finland, where the story has originated is known to be the birthplace of one of the first organised anti-Islamization movements in Europe – Soldiers of Odin. (Of course, it was accidental because all Finnish people love Islam like we all do.)

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