How mass refugee programs is a Tax scam?


How mass refugee programs is a Tax scam?

Do you want to know how mass refugee programs is a Tax scam? Here is an explanation in a point form:

  • An economist explains how Western economic elites scam their populations of taxes using mass refugee programs. The economist wishes to remain anonymous out of fear of being labelled a bigot.
  • 10% of people in Australia own 50% of shares in businesses.
  • Every time you buy something, 50% of profit goes to 10% of population.
  • 10% of wealthiest people pay proportionally less tax than poorer people.
  • Economic elites direct Governments to run mass migration campaigns.
  • New arrivals are given money out of taxes.
  • New arrivals spend this money on necessities. Wealthiest 10% of population becomes even wealthier.
  • The same economic elites drive the process of promotion of ‘refugees are welcome’ propaganda. They direct Governments to fund academics to promote such views.
  • Over a period of time, there was a significant number of people who began to believe in ‘mass refugee process’. Sometimes, they are called ‘useful idiots’.
  • In Germany disparity of wealth distribution is even worse 10% of people own 70% of wealth. Hence, the unprecedented mass migration program.
  • Out of 1 200 000 ‘refugees’ entering Germany in the last 2 years, only 30 000 are working, mainly in refugee process related jobs – interpreters, ‘integration workers’ etc.
  • This scam is damaging the economy and contributes to further distribution of wealth towards the richest part of population. This mainly occurs due to rise in cost of living and housing due to mass migration.

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