Students sell their old homework


Students sell their old homework

Do you think it is OK if students sell their old homework?

Well, there is a website that buys old homework from students and publishes it for everyone to see and use. This site is .

The idea behind this website is to help students around the world. Any student can have a look what other students did, compare and improve their work. SellYourEssay condemns plagiarism but accepts that sharing the ideas is acceptable.

It is not clear how the purchase of the old home work from students is funded. There is some advertising placed around website. However, this would hardly pay for a massive buy back of essays from students.

The fact remains that sell their old homework on a daily basis at Sell Your Essay. The rules of acceptance are quiet strict. The papers must pass Grammarly plagiarism check. Then the assessors will look into quality. The quality is not assessed on a basis of contents. Assessors look at sentence structure, use of words and other parameters. The opinion of the author is not an assessment criteria at Sell Your Essay.

Most of the essays submitted were on topics of Humanity and Business.


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