Insight or Coincidence?


Insight or Coincidence?

Stars and stripes or strips of stars?

In most of my former articles I made comments and predictions. If you have not read them, NOW would be a great time to do so, otherwise this won’t make a lot of sense to you. Just as a guess I would say that about 80% have come true, others are in the process of coming true, and the rest have not been disproved, so there is a good chance they will come true. Yes, I am patting myself on the back. I know it’s been a longtime since I have written anything, and I apologise for that but sometimes life gets in the way. I thank everyone for their great comments and personal e-mails to me. Keep them coming as I need a bit of prodding sometimes.

As a side note, I met and became friends with a Muslim from Afghanistan. Shortly after meeting him I stuck my neck out and asked if he would read the articles I wrote and comment on them so I could give you his side of the story. A while later, ALI hadn’t said anything to me about the articles, so I made a big gulp, worked up the nerve and asked him why he hadn’t made any comments. VERY much to my surprise Ali said he agreed with everything I had written. Now Ali isn’t just a somebody from Afghanistan, he was in the military. He was in the AMERICAN ARMY and served for several years. I won’t pretend to understand the whole thing but he was somehow transferred from the Afghan Army to the US Army as a regular soldier. After his years of service he was entitled to move to America and did so. He risked HIS LIFE for AMERICA, just like our own soldiers are doing. I didn’t ask, but I am pretty sure that no one was waving the flag for his “homecoming”. Just sayin’…. For the record- he has learned to speak excellent English, has become a successful business owner, husband and father and most of all AN AMERICAN CITIZEN and is very proud of it. He is the kind of immigrant that America needs, not the bandits, thieves, drug smugglers and law breakers that sneak in from the southern border.

I asked ALI“if you are going to agree with everything I said, then how am I going to write an article about how much the Muslim world hates us?”  His reply- “Mostly, we don’t.”

If by chance ALI turns out to be a suicide bomber and kills hundreds of people with his knowledge of explosives, weapons and military training, I will be sure to let you know. (Don’t hold your breath! He’s a great guy!)

    “BUILD THE WALL!”      “BUILD THE WALL!”      “BUILD THE WALL!”    This is a MUST!

While it may not be obvious to the rest of the world- America is very close to an all out Civil War. At the very least a whole lot of POLITICIANS and former “big-wigs” are headed to jail, if they don’t die first waiting in line.

I can’t begin to even partially cover what all is going on. Let’s just say that the right person was elected President and is doing everything he can to fix what is broken and make better the good things we already have. Clearly America is split and pretty much right down the middle- 50-50. Many ugly secrets are coming to light. IF, and that’s a BIG IF, our system of justice works, despite the wrong doers in all parts of the U.S. Government, my country will once again become stable, dependable and legal in it’s actions.

These comments are mostly made about America itself and not the international America that the world has seen for the last two decades. Thanks exclusively to President Donald Trump, America is once again able to hold it’s head high and be the model of Democracy that it formerly was.

President Trump has a LARGE target on his back, but this serves to empower him to fix the problems and not run away, hide and give our country away. The NWO lost this battle, for the time being at least. Many of the criminals that work in the government are methodically being pushed out into the open and at least being fired. All PATRIOTIC Americans are awaiting the indictments, arrests, trials and the imprisonment of these traitors. Isn’t that a capitol offense? The Leftist Leeches of our country are fighting back with outright lies, false accusations, and anything they can to keep President Trump from keeping his promises to the American public and the world. Demand that the democrats at least let TRUMP put his people into the offices he assigned to them.

If the Leftists Democrats manage to win this, the entire world will be much worse off. Half of America has been brain washed by the politics and lies of the Democrats for the past two or so decades. An entire generation has been raised to believe that America is a Socialist/communist country! What a sad future for them as they grow up, become empowered in some cases, but mostly dependent on the government for everything and believe they are actually entitled to it.  No one has told them that they must work and work hard if they want the life that America can afford them.

Most legal immigrants to the U.S. come here with something to offer- work hard to achieve their dreams and are good people.The sad part is that their children grow up with American children of the “give me” generation, and being taught by teachers of the same un-American and much of the time outright illegal attitudes that are now dividing America.

The once silent and good people are waking up and starting to fight back and re-take America- FINALLY! It took a real American, a successful American and a very brave American to become President and fight for the good of the country and the people and not the “government of the powerful criminals” that have taken root and tearing down our great country. To many true American Patriots the government was and still is being run by outright criminals and doing what was best for them and the NWO. Make no mistake- President Trump can not do this by himself. NO SINGLE PERSON on earth holds enough power to fix the wrongs that has been forced on us- BY US! 50/50 just ain’t gonna cut it!

Half and Half is not good enough-

YES- While half of American & foreign nationals- both legal and illegal worked hard to over-turn the government, the other half of us just watched from the sidelines and did little to nothing to stop our country/MY COUNTRY  being stolen and given away. They have almost succeeded. We actually believed that our government was serving US, and had faith that RIGHT would overcome the evil wrongdoers. President Trump needs help. The help of all TRUE PATRIOTS of our country and in some cases, foreign governments and their citizens to make things right again.(Take ALI for example.) To make America good and right again. America either is or was the model goal that most every person on earth would either love to live here, or have their government model the one we once had. Obama with a lot of illegal help almost overthrew America, and few people were doing anything about it.

Three Patriot Americans will forever be known for their insight, willingness to take the chance and most of all- have that special touch, charisma, charm and boldness needed to make “america”- AMERICA! Some may disagree but in my mind these amazing patriots are President George Washington, President Abraham Lincoln, and President Ronald Reagan. Now- if true patriotic Americans, the ones that STAND for the National Anthem, salute our flag and are not afraid to fly it from their roof tops, flag poles and carry it in their heart will actually do something, wake up and take part in preserving our country SHE shall prevail. I believe that President Donald J. Trump shall be Patriot Number 4.

What can WE DO?

  • Help President Trump in any way you can.
  • Fly our Flag to show support
  • Challenge the fake liberal bullshit news
  • Demand from our Elected Office Holders to do their job!
  • Demand that both parties fight for the good of AMERICA instead of fighting for themselves
  • Did I say……
  • Challenge the fake liberal bullshit news!

“OF the People, BY the People and FOR the People”—Sound familiar?

More rants by Sir_Blaster  🙂

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  1. I must make a correction and apology to my readers and Ali- He is from Iraq, not Afghanistan. Don’t know why I made that mistake especially since Afghanistan is so much harder to spell! ☺

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