“Barrett’s Theory Of U1+∞”- Mindblowing Physics!


“Barrett’s Theory Of U1+∞”

Gravity, Light Speed, Universii


Postulate of the Final Questions- GRAVITY

This is not a neat and polished Physics Postulate in Scientific form.

Rather it be a somewhat clear and concise explanation of the grand questions that the field of Physics has been searching for so long. Please, take the time to re-read it as the nuances of this postulate are very intertwined, as one explains the other.

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Planet: Earth

This was originally perceived in the very early 2000’s.

Originally written March 26, 2014  and I waited until now to publish it!

OK folks, you heard it here FIRST!

“Barrett’s Theory Of the Universal and Multiversal  Relationships for Increased Velocity and Expansion”


Barretts Theory Of U1+∞”


This is written in laymen’s terms, so that ANYONE wishing to understand this Theory (For now I will call it- Barretts Universal Theory of U1+∞”). I am informally publishing this theory currently at the constant urging (harassment) of my lovely wife Roxanne and good friend Dirk R.

I have worked on this theory for the last decade or so and pretty much finalized it approx. one year ago, Feb. 2013 to be more exact. This concept of physics and the universe will blow your mind!

U1+ simply means that this theory applies to this (our) universe as well as all others, hence the + sign.

 Assumptions- For the purposes of this paper, the following to be TRUE;

The (our) Universe is expanding.

 For this paper

OUR Universe will be known as U1.   The (our) Universe, U1, is expanding faster (Thank you Mr. Hubble), not slowing down, due to the gravitation attraction of all combined masses trying to pull them back into the original singularity that the Big Bang Theory suggests.

MULTI-VERSES are in fact TRUE-  That the idea of multi-verses is true, and this paper will lend credence to that theory and possibly prove that too, in fact, be TRUE.   This paper also helps to prove and add validity that our universe, U1, is but one small part of a symbiotic multi-verse system, truly infinite in size, but all having approximately, if not exactly, the same amount of mass and matter therein.   There is no such thing as “dark matter” or “dark energy” anymore than there is “ethyr” that fills our universe so that so-called light waves may pass through it. More on light later. For now- suffice it to say that light is a particle and it is NOT a wave, nor is it one that acts like the other. Balderdash and hogwash to be sure. As I said, I will explain THAT after I explain THIS.

Since, at this time, this theory can’t be PROVEN to be wrong- don’t waste your time, instead use your time constructively and PROVE that it is in fact-TRUE & CORRECT in the overall concept. So finally, here it is, short and sweet that everyone may understand and comprehend it. It’s sheer simplicity and elegance lends credence that this Theory is a true and accurate assessment of the facts as we understand them to be at this time.

Mind Experiment- (Thank your Mr. Einstein) 3 cubed or 3*3*3  ) ;

Imagine that our universe, U1, is one of 27 balls that are snugly and neatly fit into a box. That would be 3 cubed or 3*3*3. In actuality the “box” doesn’t exist and the ”balls” extend  infinity.

U1 happens to be the center ball contained in the box. U1 is a red ball, while the other 26 balls are clear for clarity. This means that U1 is being touched on 26 sides by the other balls. Now- the sides of the box start pressing inwards equally, thus smashing all the balls towards the center until U1 is no longer perfectly round, but now has 26 flat individual sides (icosikaihexagon). In fact, all of the universii are of this shape. Hence, all the universii have this shape and all are of the same size with the same total mass- each of these universes have an equal gravitational pull against all of the adjacent 26 universes that bound it on each of the sides, and so on. The masses of the individual 26 universes pull somewhat equally to ours and thus PULLS the matter in our universe towards and to the outside boundaries of our (U1) universe. Unbound gravity can pull faster than the speed of light, this accounts for the matter in our universe “speeding up”, rather than slowing down.

The inability to describe gravity is because un-bound gravity can’t be observed and we currently have no way to measure something previously unknown and moving so fast.

TO BE CLEAR- Gravity comes in two flavors: BOUND as we know and are somewhat familiar with and UN-BOUND gravity that has not been acted upon or “captured”, as we may say. More on this point later.

Our U1 is not being PUSHED apart by some magical fantasy dark matter, but it is being PULLED apart by unbound gravity. Gravity from the 26 adjacent universii. Like balls bouncing off a wall, the matter and energy in our U1 bounce back towards the center and with the help of “our” bound gravity, shall one-day reform the “original” singularity and the Big Bang, ReBangs. We are in fact now Banging as part of the Big Banging and always have been and shall always be- Banging and ReBanging. It’s simply a matter in which direction we are traveling. For clarity we will call our outward movement as we are traveling now as BANGING and upon its return, RE-BANGING.

Simple and elegant right?  OK, so now- what happens when the matter in our universe (U1) hits the outer boundary of U1? All the multi-verse (Universii) “beat” in unison. When any form of matter “hits” the boundary, the matter CAN NOT pass from one universe to another, because they are rejected by their counterpart in the adjacent Universii. The matter simply bounces or is repelled back in towards the center eventually reforming a singularity which simply re-expands from the reformed singularity into another Big Bang Infinium, as I will call it. The “heartbeat of the universes”! Yes, I know- physics hates infinity! Get over it.

Tidbits and explanations’; Our Universe, U1 is comprised of Matter. The next universii over is comprised of? YES!- You got it, ANTI-Matter!…and, anti-light, anti-everything- except ANTIGRAVITY. There’s NO antigravity! This is what produces the heartbeat! Just like one beat of our heart doesn’t pump all the blood in our circulatory system at once, the heartbeat of the universes doesn’t pump all of the matter in the individual universes all at once either, nor does it pump it evenly. There will be some places that an individual beat bounces back more or less, matter and energy than the next. Also, with 26 different sides pumping only roughly equal amounts of mass and energy, the different sides pump more or less different amounts in 26 directions, BUT averaged out over all of them together,  they are roughly close to equal, as a combined whole. U1 therefore, is bounded by 13 matter universes and 13 anti-matter universes. THIS MAY not always be the case, as there may be Universii with no matter or a wholly different type of matter. Gravity is the only force that can be exchanged between the universii. Un-Bound Gravity is the one force that is exchanged and borrowed from one universe to the next and in many different directions. Care to guess at this point how many directions? This does not preclude the possibility that a small amount of matter could be transferred from one universe to the next one, either as matter or anti-matter, but Un-Bound gravity shall be shown to be the medium of that exchange. When UN-Bound gravity contacts matter it becomes bound. Matter exchange would the exception, not the rule. Gravity is like the electrical charge that makes our own heart beat and regulates the beat. Starting to make sense now?

KEEP IN MIND- Un-Bound matter travels Infinium thru all universii. Once physicists understand this simple concept and the ramifications, then ways shall be found to prove it and that should happen relatively fast. DIS-proving it on the other hand would take longer and should prove to be impossible. While at some point in the very distant future we may find that we could interact with the very boundaries of our universe, we shall never have the “power” to interact with the boundaries of the next. (Yes, they are one in the same). We might be able to knock on our side of the boundary, but never on the other side. I do however believe that the transmission of “information” to the next universe IS possible.

WHY CAN INFORMATION BE PASSED? This is a critical point. Matter can only “hold” so much gravity. When Un-Bound gravity contacts matter that is already full of gravity, then the bound gravity is knocked loose and becomes free and Un-Bound gravity once again. This happens all the time and constantly

This theory does not prove the existence of infinite dimensions, infinite realities either exist or that the possibilities of them are actual or real. Conversely- it should prove to show that they are NOT possible. The reality that we now live in, is the ONLY one that exists or possible.

Thought Experiment #2: Universal Boundary. Imagine a (26 sided, icosikaihexagon) ball that contains U1. The shell of the (26 sided, icosikaihexagon) ball is a boundary that is infinitely thin, infinitely dark and infinitely impenetrable.  All light and energy are converted back to a natural state that we are only beginning to conceive- DARK ENERGY.

DARK ENERGY or MATTER (however you like to call it) only becomes known when contacting matter. For the most part Dark Energy just sits in space, bored with nothing to do until free matter or energy hurling through space contacts it. ONLY THEN does it become affected by gravity, thus gaining weight and mass.

ACCORDING TO PHYSICISTS- Somewhere around 75% of the universe is comprised of Dark Matter, that means that only 25% of our Universe has been formed to date!

There is ONE universal thing that goes right through it with no resistance…. GRAVITY. Gravity is the one thing that is constant, all the time and everywhere among all universii. As paraphrased from a famous book, when man asks Gravity- Who and what are you? Gravity replies- “I Am”.  Like an antenna, mass particles collect gravity according to their mass. Mass particles do not make or create gravity it just holds it.

Gravity is the ONE TRUE FORCE. Gravity  IS, and everything else responds to gravity, interacts with gravity and is gravity dependent. As the ONE TRUE FORCE, I doubt that “man” shall ever “know” what gravity is. Gravity doesn’t have to be a “strong force”or a “weak force” when it is THE FORCE!  Now, I don’t know about you but I can’t pronounce or spell the word icosikaihexagon. Please- someone come up with something easier! OH! I know! UNIVERSII, universii!!!

SUBJECT OF LIGHT! “Let there be spirals, and the spirals are good”! LIGHT- It’s a wave that acts like a particle; it’s a particle that acts like a wave. Circular Logic at its finest! Makes no sense does it? OK, so let’s settle this once and for all. Light is a PARTICLE! You say, BUT WAIT! I say no, let’s NOT WAIT. Light is simply a particle that moves in a spiral in a straight line. Easy right? WAVELENGTHS? Look at a spiral from the side…it looks like a wavelength (waveform). Look at a spiral from the end, it looks like a circle. Just what you see on an oscilloscope. Now, let’s view it from a 45-degree angle and you see the spiral. A light PARTICLE moves in a spiral! Not different wavelengths, different SPIRAL-lengths! This is how a PARTICLE can act like a particle AND a wave! Not radio waves- radio SPIRALS. Not micro-waves, micro-spirals.  Yes- we have a formal name for them and that name is in no danger- a PHOTON, but we all knew that already. So now- a photon is a particle that moves forward in a spiral motion at the (Constant)speed of light. I submit that a photon moving through ANY gravity does so because of the gravity interacting on the photon to produce a spiraling action.

IF IT WERE POSSIBLE to remove all gravity from a space, then light would travel forward at the square of its own (ungavitied) speed in that space, or possibly even at an infinite speed. Is it possible that light may be able to hitch-hick on Un-Bound gravity? “Give me Warp Speed Scotty!” “EyAy Captain- I’ll straighten out the spiral and remove gravity!” The resultant speed would be truly unlimited! Now- where the hell did I leave that damned spiral straightener again???

ANOTHER THOUGHT EXPERIMENT- Imagine a big piece of black Kevlar as our universal boundary. Light can’t get through it, bullets, moons, stars and gamma rays can’t get through it. BUT- you put a magnet on one side and another magnet on the other side and they stick to it. The magnetic fields penetrate the Kevlar and the two magnets attract. Now just change the magnetic attraction to UNBOUND GRAVITY. GRAVITY doesn’t even know the universal boundary exists! (yeah, I DO know that magnetic field forces are not the same thing as gravity, that is why this is a THOUGHT EXPERIMENT!)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Would someone wake Mr. Einstein up and have him explain what a THOUGHT EXPERIMENT is again?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~OK- for you geek types out there- yeah, sooner or later there might be some mathematical equations to go along with this for you to pick at. If you can’t wait- then calculate your own and send them for submission. Otherwise- wait for some other geek to do it for you. In any case- YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST! For you less geeky types, I’ll see if someone would like to draw up a few pictures for illustration. (HMMMM…. That didn’t happen) Oh yeah- Remember that lesson your momma taught you years ago? “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all!”.  If you can do better- GO FOR IT! Also- some metals block certain particles, while others allow the same particles to pass straight through unimpeded. Can we use these metals as a “lens”? Yes- we can, but to what end? If certain metals can be “energized”, can we use these to achieve hyper light speeds at low to moderate energy inputs by finding a way to tap UNBOUND GRAVITY? Can Dark Matter be harnessed and used to mankind’s exploration of space and the universe? Possibly the multi-verse? Will this allow us to be able to achieve “cold fusion”, or something much more powerful and useful?

In closing and on a personal note- I have a very hard time accepting the notion that there is a universal “speed limit”. I’m trying to gather my thoughts on light now. Some I have explained above, and some are still rattling around in my head. Light and gravity are two separate forces, but until now- no one realized that gravity itself is also two separate forces that are the same. It just depends on if it encounters matter or not. Recent studies at C.E.R.N. have implied that the multi-verse theory is probably more likely than a single universe. I was certain of that before CERN ran their tests and now I am even more confident in my postulate. TRUE- It may not ALL be correct and probably isn’t, but the bulk of it is correct, and the ideas that I assert here- ARE.

 Conceived, written and postulated by  Sir_Blaster


  • WHAT IF=? (Have you had your brain fart today?)
    Has anyone combined ALL of the known naturally occurring elements together? If so what was the  result?
    What’s the difference if they are combined-
    In equal parts?
    In parts proportion to their atomic weights?
    -lowest to highest?
    -Highest to lowest?WHAT IF=?
    We made an array of “dishes” or “collectors” all made from a different element, used whatever is collected by each of these different “dishes” and then combined the outputs in different ways and ratios to see what (information/data) we get??? Going back to the previous WHAT IF=? We made a collector of all elements (of different logical ratios), what would we get or collect?


Most physics equations are simple and elegant at their base- E=MC2, v/i*r, etc. The KISS principle is alive and well and I suspect that explaining hyper light/gravity speeds are equally simple, once it is figured out- via thought and practical basic experiments. PROBABLY the hyper light and hyper gravity and hyper physical matter is transformed into something entirely different from what we might envision, or does it all become the “same thing”?
OK, Sir_Blaster got bored and added a bit more   🙂

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