Why information about health risks of anal intercourse is treated as hate speech?


The connection between anal intercourse and mental disorder.

There is a wide consensus about behaviours such as abuse of alcohol and drugs. No person will argue that consistent abuse of those substances is a form of self-harm.

Self-harm, in psychiatric terms, is any behaviour that person engages knowing that such behaviour is harmful. That can be making cuts on one’s wrists, ingesting chemicals, using drugs or consuming alcohol outside the safety guidelines. 

Self-harm can be committed only by a person in a state of mental disorder. No sane person would do self-harm. No person takes drugs without having an underlying psychological disorder. No person drinks himself stupid on a daily basis without suffering an underlying mental health issue. That applies to all self-harm.

Health professionals, public health bodies invest millions in propaganda against self-harm. There are posters, programs and whole Departments working tirelessly on prevention of self-harm such as alcohol and drug abuse, smoking and anti-immunisation.  

Yet, there is no Department or a poster exists about one form of self-harm – anal sex. It brings a storm of accusation of homophobia if one states that anal intercourse is unhealthy, abnormal and unnatural. Mentioning harmful pathological nature of anal intercourse is considered a hate speech by many, especially, LGBTI activists. 

Anal sexual intercourse is an extremely high-risk behaviour that causes numerous health problems. That is beyond any dispute. Once a person is aware of those risks but continues the practice, this behaviour becomes self-harm. We have all agreed already that self-harm is a feature of a person with a mental health issue.

What makes anal intercourse type of self-harm so different? Why are public health authorities silent on that? Why there are no posters or ads about the health risks associated with anal intercourse? Why this high-risk behaviour is played down and even attempted to be normalised by LGBTI activists? Why these activists propagate the harmful idea that anal sex is normal at schools now? I am not attacking LGBTI community – the article is about anal intercourse – the act of insertion of a penis into the anus. 

People who know that anal intercourse, homo- or heterosexual, is very harmful and continue the practice that are mentally unwell. They must not be ostracised. We, as a society, must not ostracise any unwell people. However, promoting anal sexual intercourse as normal is to put more people at risk- mainly young people. It is criminally negligent to propagate the idea of anal sex being normal.

Every bottle of alcohol has a health warning.  Most of the foods have health rating.  LGBTI activists visit schools and propagate normality and even goodness of homosexuality. That is claimed to be done for prevention of bullying of homosexual kids. I am not questioning that. The question is, why there is no health warning about risks of anal intercourse that is practised by some homosexual men?

It must be the law that any propaganda of homosexual lifestyle or anything that concerns sex must come with the health warning. For example, Mardi Gras festival must have provided health warning that some practices by the celebrants of Mardi Gras pose significant health risks.  Any businesses and websites that deal with sexual content must provide health warning, just like any producer of a bottle of wine. The health warning rules are not about homo- or heterosexual practices. The health warning about the risks of anal intercourse is about this particular harmful act.

Health warning: this article mentions sexual act known as anal intercourse. Anal intercourse poses a significant health risk.

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