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Watch what you ask for!

Howdy there friends and foe alike. I’m back! Now I am working on a really great entertainment article that everyone will like. I will try to  have it posted as soon as I can, so keep checking back. Don’t forget to say hello on Twitter. In the meantime I thought I would throw a little blurb in here about ME! (who else, right?)
Seriously though, my wife, dogs and I have all had our world turn upside down several times recently. We made a move 60 miles from our old house and during that move- I slipped on ice TWICE in 10 seconds and sustained some uncomfortable injuries.
While seeing that Doctor for those injuries, he naturally just had to throw a few more medical type words at me. Sent me off to see 5 other Doctors and now they all want to do THEIR THING…..and I finally had enough and stopped going to see any of them. If I am going to do this life then I am going to “DO IT MY WAY”, actually I pretty much have already done it “MY WAY” my whole life or at least tried. Can you believe that I am on TWENTY FIVE (25) different medications, all at the same time?
Now before anyone starts taking this the wrong way- I am not complaining in the least and I still have enough time left to do MORE! I have lived a life that has been full and exciting, and I have had more adventures than most any 10 people or even 100. There are a few out there that don’t believe a lot of what I have done and gone through (good and bad). Regrets? I have a few, and I have no idea if I would change anything if I could do it over again. Maybe I will get a chance to find out? My next article will be totally out of character for me, and I am chomping at the bit to finish my research and get it written.

While I do have some time left with little spatters of free time, I am going to start a YouTube channel. It will be pretty much be about anything and everything. More on that later. In the meantime I just wanted to say a long overdue HELLO to my fan base. I’m getting excited about writing again, so that is a big improvement. As I move along with more articles, I will slowly let you in on some of the adventures and a few details about my life. GO, live life and give’m hell doing it.

I hope you feel the same!


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FORMER- Cop, Fireman, EMT, Trampoline Instructor, Gunsmith, Firearms Instructor, Minister, Law Enforcement, Private Investigator, Body Guard, Biker, Race Car Driver, Carpenter, Furniture Maker & Wood Worker, Highly Qualified Industrial Maintenance Technician and Manager, Instrument maker, Adventurer, Scuba Diver, Plane owner and pilot, River Boat Skipper, Writer, Author, Journalist, Welder, Mechanic (I can fix most anything and just about have). Meteorite Hunter, K9 Trainer, Dog and Cat lover. Typically I am unsociable and just plain hardheaded. Though I have taken a few prodigies under my wing. LOTS more than I can't remember for now.

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