Green party activists report Tweets they disagree as inappropriate.


@HuffPuffPost supended due to frivolous reporting by a Green party activist!

Who are the modern fascists? Who are the people who report and attack others for merely expressing their opinions? No pasaran! We will resist quietly and stealthily.

This tweet was reported as hateful by a @th3s0ap

@th3s0ap @KirralieS @LyleShelton We need to get involved because abnormality and mental disorder is fostered upon our kids as normality. This is very damaging to the children. That is the reason why trans people should be treated with care and compassion just like any other unwell person.

Retribution: This person is good at finding offensive contents in other people’s tweets. Guess what? This person offends the whole class of people, tarnish all Christians. Who is the real hater?

How unbiased is Twitter? Very biased! Calling a mental illness – mental illness is a hateful content. Calling the whole group of people immoral and disguising is not. Calling for a compassion towards unwell is a hateful speech. Calling for cure from Christianity is not. Twitter is, obviously, being proliferated by the Green activists.

Is this the time to develop an alternative to Twitter?

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